Why June 12 Is A Special Day for Me

June 12. This is a day that holds special meaning for me. Reading this line, I imagine that you think it must be my birthday. If so, then I’m afraid that you would be wrong. Much as I would have loved to have a June or July birthday (think epic pool parties and ice cream galore), I simply wasn’t born during the summer but instead in the coldest month of the year on a day that many associate with bad luck (the infamous Friday the 13th). June 12 is up there in the list of my top five favorite days of the year. These are the three reasons why June 12 is a special day for me.

It is her birthday

June 12 is the day that Anne Frank was born. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Germany. She later immigrated, with her parents and older sister, to the Netherlands, where she lived quite happily for about ten years until they were forced to hide in an attic room in her father’s office building. For two years and two months until they were discovered and arrested by the Gestapo, Anne wrote in her infamous diary about life as she saw it. She wrote with abandon about her predicament as well as her hopes and dreams for the future. In doing so, she shed not only light on the monstrosity that transpired during that time, but gave hope to all even several decades after her untimely death.

But this day is particularly important because it is Anne Frank’s birthday. Ever since I first read her diary, I fell in love with the girl who was obsessed with her father, worried about her developing body, had a tumultuous relationship with her mother and found love with a sixteen year old boy in an attic. But most of all, I loved that despite all of the bad things that were happening to her simply because she was Jewish, she still managed to have faith in the goodness of humanity. Like Anne, I also believe that people are truly good deep down.

Even to this day, I still love Anne Frank. I can’t really explain why I love her so much. Part of the reason is because she was so relatable to me. Even though I never had to go into hiding from people who were bent on killing me because of my race or religion, her spirit is what attracted me to her. And it is her spirit that continues to live on. She may have died, but that will always remain immortal for as long as we remember Anne Frank.

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The day that interracial marriages became legal

Another reason why June 12 is so special to me is because it is the day that interracial marriages became legal. June 12 is also called Loving Day. It is named after an interracial couple (the Lovings) who wanted to get married. They even got arrested simply for wanting to be with someone of a different race. So they fought and won the right to get married. Before this historic day, it was illegal for people of different races to get married in this country.

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Because of this historic fight, people are now free to marry anyone regardless of the color of their skin. I am thankful that this happened because if it hadn’t then I — as well as my children — probably would never have been born. Even though this was made legal, it still didn’t stop decades of racism and discrimination. It still didn’t stop people from being judged as being too exotic or un-American simply because of the color of their skin or the origin of their parent(s) and grandparent(s). Despite this being made into law, we are still talking about racism and how some people still face it to this day.

Laws only exist in an official capacity to say that we can or can’t do something. In order to really change, we need to be committed to being open, communicative, and non-judgmental so that future generations can stop dividing but instead see everyone as one — human beings. We all come in different colors but we are all the same. We all have the same blood and organs that keep us alive today. We all have the same capacity of emotions to feel happiness, sadness, anger, and love. We are all the same.

10 Year WordPress anniversary

And in more personal news, today apparently marks my ten years on WordPress.com. Apparently, it was today, ten years ago, in 2011, when I signed up for a WordPress.com account. I had a couple of blogs then, all of which have went wherever deleted blogs go, until I created this blog in 2016. But it is still interesting to know that I opened this account on June 12.

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15 thoughts on “Why June 12 Is A Special Day for Me

  1. Happy June 12 to you! It’s hard to remember a time when interracial marriages were illegal but I do remember it being pretty rare, and a really big deal, when I was younger. It’s interesting that my kids will probably feel the same way about same-sex marriage when they are my age.

    It is sad that we still see hatred and intolerance. You’re right that all the laws in the world won’t change people’s hearts.

  2. Thank you for sharing why June 12 is such a special day for you, Helen. I can still remember the first time I read the Diary of Anne Frank, as a nine year old. It left a deep impression.

    Yes, we do need to be seen as one, as human beings. It’s the only way we are well and truly going to get ahead as a planet. And, it is up to us, each person, to make this happen.

    Congratulations on the 10 year bloggerversary. May you keep blogging for many more years to come!

  3. I see this day is special to you for many reasons! I have yet to read Anne Frank’s diary, but I’ve been learning a lot about both world wars lately. I’m sure I’ll be picking it up in the near future.

  4. Congratulations to you!!
    So many are still fighting for basic rights.
    It’s just not right but such is the world we live in.
    Blogging is fun but it’s a sincere effort. Hope you blog and write away with gusto and passion.
    June is my birth month. It’s hot but ice cream makes it better. 🙂

    1. Well happy birthday to you! And definitely ice cream and ice cream cakes are the best part of having a June birthday ( as well as swimming ).

  5. Happy 10 year to your awesome blog! Thanks for pointing out this powerful coincidence about June 12th. The Diary of Anne Frank and the story of the Lovings are sure to inspire many for generations to come, even as the landscape of race, religion and love keep changing ☺️

  6. Amazing! I have the same fondness for Anne. When I was in Amsterdam we visited the Anne Frank House museum
    and it was breathtaking and emotional to be in her room. I loved that she saw the good in people despite what she experienced.

    Happy belated June 12th (sorry I’m a bit late to the party)!

  7. Congrats on 10 years blogging! It’s amazing to think that you’ve stuck with it for so long, even if you’ve gone through a few different blogs. As for the other two reasons you like the date, it just goes to show how sensitive and considerate you are. It’s amazing that you admire such a strong woman, and of course, without interracial marriages you wouldn’t be the wife to your beau and the mama to two gorgeous babas!

  8. Wonderful reasons for June 12th to be special, Helen. I didn’t know that it was the day that interracial marriage became legal. What a crazy thing to forbid. Humans are sometimes so hateful, as Anne Frank learned at a young age. Her innocence and humanity strikes at the core of our hearts. And congrats on 10 years of blogging! That’s an accomplishment. 🙂 Here’s to ten more.

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