Why Evergreen Topics are Important for Bloggers

Why Evergreen Topics are Important for Bloggers

What are evergreen topics?

In the blogging world, evergreen topics are topics that remain relevant throughout the years. This means that no matter what is trending, people will still seek answers to these topics. Furthermore, this means that evergreen topics will continue to drive traffic to your site a month, even ten years from now. Similar to the trees for which they are named, these topics do not ever get outdated but remain constant despite the changing of the times. These topics are here to stay no matter what happens. And because of their dependable presence as a reliable source of traffic, it is extremely important that you incorporate evergreen topics on your website.

Why are evergreen topics important?

Since we have established what evergreen topics are, let’s now delve into why they are important. As I hinted above, one reason that these topics are important is their ability to continue to drive increased traffic no matter how much time has passed. Because these topics do not grow out of style, people will continue to search for them on major search engines such as Google or Bing.

Another reason why evergreen topics are so important is because they help your site rank better on the aforementioned search engines. If it is true that the aim of these search engines is to locate information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, then it is also true that content that remains relevant today and will be relevant tomorrow will rank higher. Because evergreen topics are always pertinent no matter what day or occasion it is, they will continue to rank high. In fact, older evergreen topics can work in your favor here.

And lastly, there is an old saying that you should work smart, not hard.” This means that it is not about how much that you work, but the method of the work that makes all the difference. When it comes to blogging, it is smarter to create content that remains pertinent forever than a thousand other pieces that will soon go out-of-date.

By working smarter on those few relevant articles, you write them once and then update as needed. But you don’t need to rewrite them. You don’t need to churn out a million different pieces. I mean, you can, but it would be more effective to write less articles that will remain relevant, rather than more articles that won’t always remain current with the times.

What are some good evergreen topics?

There are so many different evergreen topics that you can write about, depending on your niche. If it is a topic that you can’t talk about all year, then most likely it is not an evergreen topic. For example, an article about the best Christmas gifts would not be an evergreen topic. This is because it is not relevant everyday of the year. Similarly, articles about college graduations, 2021 fashion trends, or the Summer Olympics, are also not evergreen topics. In each of those instances, they only occur for a short time span. Even in the case of the Summer Olympics, it happens every four years.

But, topics that focus on cyberbullying on social media, dealing with depression, and life hacks for work and home would be considered evergreen topics. They are considered evergreen topics simply because they are topics that many people deal with everyday. In the following, I will discuss three potential evergreen topics, to give you a better idea of what they are and how you can incorporate them into your blogging strategy.

Evergreen Topic #1: Life Lessons Learned

One such topic that will always remain applicable no matter what season it is, or what phase of life we are in, is a life lessons learned article. The reason for this is because it is real. Like it or not, people make mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, then you probably are not human. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and then we try again. And again. And again.

By writing a post such as this, you can teach your audience what they can and cannot do. You can teach them the steps that you went through to become the person that you are today. Moreover, you could demonstrate what they should emulate, and what they should avoid. Besides that, I believe that people like reading posts like this simply because it makes the content creator more relatable. After all, despite the glitter and jazz of the internet, we know that is not what life is. Life is about making mistakes. And there will always be people who want to learn from them.

How to incorporate it into the blogging strategy: if there is a challenge or obstacle that you have recently faced, then write an article about it. Write about the things that you have learned from overcoming that particular challenge.

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Evergreen Topic #2: Recipes

We all gotta eat. And we all gotta fill those bellies. But sometimes we get tired of eating the same thing again and again. That is why people search for recipes. And that is why food vlogs and recipe blogs are all the rage. I mean, it makes sense. Besides filling the physiological need, it also fills the emotional need. We will always need food in more than one way. And people will always look for new ways to make food.

How to incorporate it into the blogging strategy: write an article about your great-grandmother’s famous dish.

Evergreen Topic #3: Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Another good evergreen topic is to answer a frequently asked question. People are naturally curious. People want to know, whether it is science backed information, or cultural experiences. Simply put, people want to know about things they have never experienced before. You can use answerthepublic.com to find out what common questions people have asked about the environment (how to protect the Earth) to veganism to blogging (what is SEO?). Or you can simply use a quick google search, type in a word, and see what questions come up. You can then create a piece of content answering that question.

Answering these common questions are evergreen topics because chances are they will be asked again and again. They are topics that people want to know about.

How to incorporate it into the blogging strategy: If you are a stay-at-home mom, answer the commonly asked question — what do SAHM do all day?

To conclude

Evergreen topics are important for bloggers. They should be incorporated into the blogging strategy to drive traffic, rank higher in search engines, and work more effectively. This isn’t to say that you should only create evergreen content, but the vast majority of your content should be evergreen for the reasons outlined above.

Do you write evergreen content? If so, drop a link to it in the comments below. I’d love to check it out.

Why Evergreen Topics are Important for Bloggers

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  1. So true evergreen topics are important. I have a few blog post with evergreen topics and I get views from them all year long

  2. Evergreen, hmm. I love the Streisand song by that title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udLeOOy6em4.
    As for links to “my” evergreen articles, prophecy seems to be cropping up in my blogs as the Holy Ghost leads me to share thoughts on the supremacy of Scripture, the dangers of false prophets and pseudo-religions like New Age and Progressive Christianity, and what we should know and what we cannot know about end times.
    You and your children and husband are in my daily prayers when the Lord talk about Georgia each night.
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  3. Evergreen topics are great, and you can make it your own. I like to write about my family and their stories – they stay funny 🙂

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