What happens when the refrigerator breaks…

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The refrigerator is one of those appliances that is forgotten about. That is unfortunate. It sits in the kitchen crammed with All The Food.

We go to Walmart or Aldi’s or Publix, come back home, and fill it with the edible goodness that we need to survive. We even have a system. The ketchup, mustard, and pickles go in the shelves on the door. The fresh veggies and fruits go in the drawers at the bottom. The milk and juice go above those drawers. The food that is leftover from Sunday night’s dinner goes on top. That delicious container of spicy hummus goes in a special spot, ready to be taken out and devoured with a bag of pretzel crisps.

We go about our day, taking food out to make a meal or snack. Very rarely do we say anything else. We just take and take and take until it is time to go do another grocery pickup order. And then the cycle repeats itself.

I’m sitting here, blogging, glancing wistfully at my fridge. I’ve been thinking about how amazing it’s been. During the past two years we’ve used it in this rental, it has never failed us. It has kept our food cold. It has kept the veggies and fruit yummy. It has kept the milk and eggs and cheese cold and fresh and unspoiled. It has given us the space to fill it with leftovers — day old pasta and jambalaya — so that we may eat it again.

Now I don’t know when we will be able to experience this again. Our wonderful, amazing fridge is having a bit of trouble. It can’t keep the food as cold as long as it was able to. It’s okay now, but for how long. How long will it last before the milk and yogurt starts to spoil?

Someone from the appliance company came by to look at our fridge. He came to look at our fridge. He used a machine to defrost the ice that had built up in the freezer. He examined it the way that a mortician examines a corpse, carefully and deliberately.

Finally, he told me that our beloved refrigerator was having trouble keeping the cold air in. It was letting all that awful hot air go in, which was wafting its way up to the freezer component, and freezing the inner walls faster. The short answer: the seal on the refrigerator door was not closing properly.

So now we wait with a nearly empty refrigerator. We wait for it to be fixed.

I’m sitting here. I’ve never before appreciated a household appliance as much as I do now. It’s funny the things that we start to appreciate when it stops working the way it should. Life is funny like that.

The lesson in this: appreciate the things around you. You don’t know how long you’ll have it. Live in the moment. Live for today. Be thankful for life.

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  1. It’s funny how we take the little things for granted. Recently, our washing machine broke – which is terrible. We have an ancient one as a backup, but it’s not quite as efficient. I hope your fridge gets fixed soon.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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