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Recently, my four-year-old daughter has shown interest in video games. So, I went on Google Play and searched for video games. I came across the game Tag With Ryan and decided to download it for her.

In case you don’t know, Ryan is the star of a very popular YouTube channel for kids: Ryan’s World. This channel is my daughter’s favorite thing to watch on TV. I’ve even seen a few episodes and I, as a thirty-one year old, can admit it’s pretty good. It’s entertaining and fun filled with games, pranks, and vlogs. It’s also educational. Thanks to these videos, my four-year-old daughter now knows about ROY G BIV and the eight planets.

At first glance, this video games looks like any other kid game. It’s colorful, bright, and noisy. It reminds me of the game Mario I used to play on the old school Nintendo system. Basically, Ryan has to run away or risk being tagged by Combo Panda. Ryan has to weave in and out of different obstacles while collecting suns, treasure chests, and pizzas.

Once the player collects a certain amount of sun or pizzas, they can use it to purchase cars and Ryan outfits to help them perform in the game better. Currently, my daughter has one of the cars and she loves it because it comes with two or three shields to help Ryan become more invincible.

The game ends when Ryan gets hit or thrown off a cliff or into the water. The longer the player plays, the higher the score.

It’s a great game for little and big kids alike. However, I do wish there was an option to be able to sync the game’s process to google drive or the phone. When I had to uninstall and then reinstall the game on my daughter’s tablet, we lost all of our progress. We essentially had to start over from scratch.

I also would love to see more types of cars and outfits for Ryan. It would also be really cool if each of the cars had different features and powers.

All in all, I give this game four stars. The idea is good but would love to see more advanced features to better facilitate long term play.

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