The Ten Best Reasons Why You Should Wear a Mask Today

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I just found out that my city has mandated that all persons over the age of two have to wear a mask. Here are ten best reasons why we all should wear a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic.

1–You can accessorize your mask with your outfit.

I’m still waiting for the day that they design masks for the pool.

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2–You can chew gum obnoxiously.

Or grind your teeth or stick your tongue out.

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3–You can wear bright green lipstick.

Or any color really.

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4–You don’t need breath mints when going out in public.

You can eat as much garlic as you dare.

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5–You suddenly look like everyone else. There is unity in conformity.

In a world where we are often torn apart by the color of our skin, it is nice to share this commonality.

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6–You can talk to yourself.

Just don’t talk out loud or others will know what you are doing.

7–It’s a new place to hide your money.

I mean, c’mon, who would think to look for money behind your mask?

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8–You can hide that nasty pimple on your chin or cheek.

No more make-up to cover up!

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9–You can look at a person’s eyes when speaking to them.

Don’t stare at their mouth, or any other body part.

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10–You can be safe!

And keep your family, friends, and neighbors safe.

Tell me below in the comments why YOU wear a mask. 🙂

Please help me grow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this- I haven’t worn my mask yet because i haven’t really been anywhere. However, when I start going out more I think it’s so important

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