The 5 Worst Things About Getting Sick During a Pandemic

It absolutely, positively, sucks getting sick. It sucks intensely worst getting sick during a pandemic. It is bad enough exhibiting all of the sick symptoms. But when you are sick during a pandemic, then you have fear to contend with. You have fear over getting the Coronavirus, as well as the fear of the unknown. If that’s not all, you also have fear over hospitals. Before the pandemic, you could just go to the hospital, wait an hour or two, and then go home after getting treated. But now, the hospitals seem like dark, vacuous places filled with equally mysterious entities and behemoths. This is the Coronavirus has done to us. That is why getting sick during a pandemic is no picnic and an experience to be avoided.

A man on a respirator in a hospital bed is surrounded by clear plastic drapes.
The 5 Worst Things About Getting Sick During A Pandemic

Inability to go out

When you are sick during a pandemic, you cannot go out in public. Well, you can, but when you do, people stare. They see someone coughing, and they suspect. They assume that maybe you have the Coronavirus. They might even assume something worse that that, if there is even such a thing. Whenever I am sick, I can’t go out for this very reason. I don’t want to attract stares, which could potentially even turn to hate and racism. No, when sick, it is much safer to stay at home. It is safer for everyone.

When assumptions turn deadly

Humans are known for making assumptions. They make assumptions based on what race you are, where you are from, what socioeconomic class you are, and even what kind of person you are. If humans didn’t make assumptions, then they probably wouldn’t be human. In regards to being sick during a pandemic, people make assumptions when they see someone who is coughing or sneezing or exhibiting any other sick trait. They see a cough, and automatically think, coronavirus. They see someone with a fever, and again they think, coronavirus.

This is bad enough. But I also fear that when people assume that someone with a possible case of coronavirus is out in public, then they could be accused of something. They could be accused of even attempting to spread the virus. They could be accused of being a perpetrator, as the former president often liked to associate the Coronavirus with a particular group of people. What if someone sees and tries to attack because of the very assumptions that were made? That is why it is scary to go out in public (even out to your own neighborhood) while sick because of what people may think.

Fear of hospitals

Prior to this pandemic, I had an average person’s fear of hospitals. I avoided the hospital like the plague. I only went when I was deathly ill, or I had to go. But now, I feel as if this fear has been intensified. With the threat of the Coronavirus lurking in the halls, as well as the prospect of being quarantined from family and friends while in the hospital, that place feels more like a no-man’s land. That place feels like a warzone. It feels like a place that we go to get sicker, and not to recover. I have never before felt more scared of the hospital than I have during this pandemic.

Fear of the coronavirus

When getting sick during this pandemic, my fear of the Coronavirus intensifies. Whenever I get sick, I ask myself what if I have the Coronavirus? What do I do then? It is a fear that I manage to brush aside to the back of my mind, preferring not to think of it, but it is one that comes back again and again. I imagine for as long as the Coronavirus is still among us, that fear will never completely go away. We have spent too many days, weeks, even months, agonizing over the disruptiveness of this virus to completely forget it anytime soon.

Separation from family and friends

And finally, the fifth worst thing about getting sick during a pandemic is the possibility that it might get worse. If it gets worse, then what if the doctor suggests quarantining from family? If its worse, then what if the doctor puts you in the hospital, surrounded by strangers wearing hospital gowns and masks as they work to heal while also keeping themselves safe. The worst thing about this pandemic is the forced isolation, albeit necessary to keep us all safe.

What would you add to this list?

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6 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Things About Getting Sick During a Pandemic

  1. I can relate to this post so much. I know when my sister fell badly sick and then it caught my brother. We were all so afraid, especially about my brother’s health which was just so bad. Mom told me to stay away from them because it would be worse if I get sick. Thankfully they didn’t had corona like, it was just cold and fever but really a difficult time for us.

    1. Yeah there is a lot more fear to be sick these days.
      I am glad that you are healthy, and hope that your brother and your family are all well 🙂

  2. I can relate to this post so much. One of my friends fell sick in lockdown and we all thought it was coronavirus and my friends just stayed away from the person. I caught what they had but it wasn’t corona but they ended up having it sadly. Even when they were we just all stayed away and as humans we all make assumptions instantly without thinking

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