The 5 Best Things About Going to School During a Pandemic

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The year 2020 has been the wildest, craziest year in … well … decades. So it is no surprise that the ’20-’21 school year will be off to a bumpy start, due to, of course, Covid-19. There has been a considerable amount of debate both on social media and off regarding the question of where to send the kids to: brick-and-mortar or virtual. Moms and Dads, even grandparents, aunts, and uncles, have all been weighing in on the pros and cons of both, ultimately making their decision based on what is best for the family and ultimately the child.

But no matter where the child ultimately goes to school, they are going during an unprecedented time. They are going to school during a pandemic and during one of the biggest events of the decade. With the increased level of precautions and protocols that schools are mandating, it is harder and much more stressful to be a child and a student these days.

But despite that, there is still some good to going to school during a pandemic. Here are the five best things about going to school during a pandemic such as Covid-19.

1–Clean Environment

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The Coronavirus has given rise to an increased demand for hand sanitizer, soap, and cleaning products. People are now actively and energetically washing their hands, trying to stay clean and “germ-free.” One of the best ways to avoid transmitting the virus is by washing hands, as well as social distancing and wearing masks.

Schools are now taking measures by sanitizing the classrooms. My daughter is starting preschool this year. Her school regularly cleans and sanitizes toys and other shared objects after play time. This means that her school will be cleaner than ever. Hopefully, this will result in less incidents of kids getting sick with the common cold or the flu. It will also hopefully instill a healthy obsession love of washing hands.

2–Strong Character

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Going to school during a time of one of the nation’s greatest unrest can help to build strong characters. There are protocols and mandates in school, and yet these kids are going to school. They are making the best in a scary situation. They are trying to regain some sense of normalcy. They are enduring, hoping, and surviving. They are resilient, brave, and strong.

This generation of kids is learning that even when the situation absolutely positively sucks, you can make the best of it by hoping, praying, and enduring. And eventually surviving. This is an important life skill to learn.

3–Being Adaptable

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This generation of kids is learning about change. They are learning that change happens. It is a fact as surely as we can expect taxes and death.

They are learning that it’s okay when things change. They can adapt. They can learn new technological skills to better prepare them for success at distance learning. They can design and make cute masks to match their outfits and also to stay safe.

4–Finding Strength in Numbers

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Covid-19 may have forced physical social distancing upon us, and yet it has also brought us closer. Students may be forced to wait in line in the cafeteria by maintaining six feet of distance from their peers. Or they may be forced to sit at desks surrounded by clear Plexiglas. Or they might be forced to sit by themselves on the school buses.

And yet, students are still able to be close. Thanks to the wonders of technology, students can talk to their peers using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. They can use Zoom or Facebook video calls to “hang out” with their friends.

Because kids can still maintain these virtual connections, they won’t ever truly be apart. As long as these connections remain intact, they remain united. And united is the only way that we can fight any adversity, even one as silent as Covid-19.

5–The Power of Love

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As kids grow, they start to disengage and distance themselves from their parents. It is only natural and part of the growing up process.

But this school year is different. Kids are returning to school after having spent months in quarantine with their home bound (and, sadly in many cases, unemployed parents). During those months, many have revitalized their familial bonds. They have discovered that their parents might not be so boring after all. They have discovered that their parents are “real” people, affected by this pandemic, and yet still trying to support and provide for their families.

Kids of this generation are returning to school under this mindset. During lock down, they have learned that it is love that kept the family together. When the health of jobs, schools, and the family’s finances were threatened, the family remained intact. That is only possible because of love.

Kids hopefully will see that love is quite possibly the only thing that will get you through. Being guided by the love of your parents and siblings is probably the most important thing that any child can have.

Kids going back to school will learn that as long as they have love, they can conquer anything.

All they need is a spray bottle of Lysol, a heart full of love, a willingness to adapt, a huge arsenal of strength, and an army of friends to help beat down that metaphorical door blocking their way forward. Then, this generation of kids will be set for life.

They’ve got this, ya’ll.

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