The 4 Best Reasons to Rewatch Sister, Sister on Netflix

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For the past few days, I’ve been watching Sister, Sister on Netflix. As soon as I saw that the show hit the streaming giant Netflix, I hit play, very much excited to watch and relieve one of my all time favorite childhood shows. I remember plopping down on the couch every day after coming home from school, excited to watch shows like Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, and Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel.

What I liked most about Sister, Sister was the premise of the show. It is about a set of twins, who accidentally discover each other at a mall. It turns out that they were separated at birth, and then adopted by two separate, and very different, families. After they meet, the two manage to convince their parents to live together under one roof and they become one big happy family.

Only now that I am watching this as an adult do I realize how unrealistic this premise is. It is unrealistic that they just happened to find each other at the mall. It is even more unrealistic that their parents (who are total strangers who hate each other) decide to live together under one roof for the girls’ sake.

But this is a TV show, and its main purpose is to entertain. And entertain it does.

The five best reasons why you should watch or rewatch Sister, Sister on Netflix are as follows:

1–It’s Entertaining

This show is funny, providing tons of laughs by the amazing Jackee Harry who plays Tia’s mom, Lisa. Aside from the twins, she is probably the spirit and heart of the show. Every time I watch, I never fail to laugh at Lisa’s antics.

2–It’s Semi Relatable

There are a few tales in the media of identical twins getting separated and then reunited years later after being raised in different adopted households. Plus, the possibility that there is a twin out there is a fantasy that many of us have entertained. How amazing would it be to go to the mall and find a person who looks just like us? It would be creepy, yes, but also mystical and amazing.

Besides the premise, the show tells the story of twin girls going through life together. They tell the story of typical things that kids experience: first job, vacations, boyfriends/girlfriends, sibling relationships. Despite the extraordinary situation, their lives are very much normal and they are like other kids their age.

3–It’s Childhood Nostalgia

Watch this show to relieve your childhood nostalgia. Sit back on your couch with a giant bowl of popcorn or your favorite TV snack, and watch the twins’ lives unfold. Many of us have grown up with these twins. They were actually older than me, but that didn’t seem to matter especially since I watched the reruns on the Disney Channel when I was about thirteen or fourteen. Just watching this show brings me back to another time that was much simpler and easy. It was a world that had no social media. It was a world filled with beepers and VCRs.

4–Representation Matters

Growing up, there weren’t a lot of shows featuring biracial or multiracial characters. As someone who identifies as Hapa or multiracial, I deeply appreciate any show, movie, or book that features a character who is half Asian or half white. Back then, there were a lot of shows that featured an all-white cast and a handful of shows featuring an all-black cast. But one featuring multiracial actors and characters were rare.

Are you watching Sister, Sister on Netflix?

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