That Time I Got a Popcorn Machine for Christmas

Imagine this: it’s Friday night. You are curled up on the leather couch. A movie is streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You have a drink in your hand. The only thing that is missing is a huge bowl of popcorn. You get up to heat up some microwavable popcorn, but then remember that you are out. You then contemplate running to the store to grab a box, but you also don’t feel like getting out of your PJ’s.

Sound familiar? This was a familiar situation that I often faced… until I got a popcorn machine for Christmas two years ago.

The Popcorn Machine

When I first saw the red popcorn machine on my white counter, so many things rushed through my mind. At first, I thought no, this is too much. Who has a popcorn machine in their kitchen? This is too extravagant. There are more affordable options on the market.

After the initial shock, however, I looked at it, and then looked at some more. The more I looked at it, the more I started to like it. Me, Helen, was the proud owner of a popcorn machine. It was like the ones at the movie theatres, albeit miniaturized.

One of my favorite memories as a child involves going to the movie theatre and watching in awe and fascination as the popcorn suddenly emerges out from the uncooked kernels. The popcorn quickly, too quickly, fills up the machine so fast that it almost feels like magic. How can something pop so quickly? How can something so good be made from something that is, well, not edible?

I used to love watching the huge popcorn machines at the movie theatre in my hometown. That amazing popcorn aroma would gently waft through the air, eventually permeating the entire cinema, until I just couldn’t stand it. I would suddenly be aware of how hungry I was, hardly able to wait for that sweet moment when I can stuff a handful of the chewy but crunchy popcorn into my mouth.

That wonderful thick, buttery smell is associated with innocence, and is a constant reminder of being a child. Popcorn isn’t just reminiscent of movie nights and lounging on the couch. It is a reminder of a more simpler time. It is a reminder of a time before smartphones and social media. It is a reminder of a time when fun could be had simply with a bowl of popcorn and a VCR rented from Blockbuster. It is a reminder of a time that we will never see again.

Having a popcorn machine in my kitchen is amazing because I get to experience all of these things again. I love making popcorn in the machine. Every time I hear the kernels start to pop, I get overly excited, as if I was still a small child. I love how it fills the entire house up with the smell of that wonderful aroma. I love how it is the perfect size for my counter space–not too big and not too small. I love that it is red, the color that I am most attracted to.

Now, I look at it with great fondness and nostalgia. I look at it with pride. I can hardly wait for the next time when I can settle down on to the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn, as that wonderful popcorn aroma gently wafts through the air, making its presence known.

Here are some more pros and cons to having a popcorn machine in your home kitchen:


–Cooks for less than 5 minutes

–Feeds up to 8 people

–Easy to clean

–Cools fast


–Not portable

–Does not contain VCR or Blockbuster

Overall, I am glad that I got a popcorn machine for Christmas two years ago. I love that I can make popcorn in a pinch. I also love that while it was initially a bigger investment, it’s now a great value for the buck. The popcorn comes out nice and crunchy. I just sprinkle some salt on mine and eat an entire bowl while binging the latest movie on Netflix.

Popcorn reminds me of my childhood. What does popcorn remind you of?

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16 thoughts on “That Time I Got a Popcorn Machine for Christmas

  1. Tsk, tsk, Helen. Hide your age better! You wish your popcorn popper had a VCR??!! :-D))) So you could watch Back To The Future? With live-streaming, even DVDs are beginning to reveal that we are getting older! love and prayers, c.a.

  2. Aww wonderful. Now I want to get one of those machines too haha. I love popcorns. Probably the only snack that isn’t that unhealthy to gobble up! πŸ’œβ˜Ί

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