Why Everyone Should Learn How to Speak German

Why everyone should learn how to speak german

German has a reputation for being a difficult and rough sounding language. Despite this, you should learn how to speak it.

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A Dream Wrapped in Silver

When I first decided that I would go back to college after taking a four year leave of absence, I had to figure out what I wanted to study. Like most college students, I kept changing my major, going from English to Art History to Classical Studies and then, finally, to German. I chose German […]

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How I came to major in Communications

Since I started college in 2007 at age 18, I’ve been through at least five different majors. I started college with the intent to become an English major. I love the written word. I love reading British lit (Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist). I wanted to become a published writer. But then college started, I took a couple […]

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