Why Everyone Should Learn How to Speak German

Why everyone should learn how to speak german

German has a reputation for being a difficult and rough sounding language. Despite this, you should learn how to speak it.

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What It’s Like to Grow Up Bilingual in The Deep South

When I was a baby, my first words were hi, mama, daddy, and um-ma (Korean for mom). Ever since then, I grew up hearing and speaking both Korean and English at home. I spoke Korean with my mom and English with my dad. But I was painfully aware of the fact that this was not […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids a Second Language

I grew up speaking two languages: English and Korean. I spoke English with my dad and Korean with my mom. I spoke English everywhere else, having grown up in an English speaking country. The reason that I grew up in a bilingual household is that my mom simply wanted me to be able to communicate […]

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