Reflection: The First Three Months

Blog confession. The first three months of this blog after its reincarnation was one of the most challenging and difficult times. It was during those first three months that I was really starting to navigate life as a budding blogger, putting my all into possibly making this profitable. I admit that I was often naïve in how I approached the world of blogging. I jumped right in, excited as anyone would be about a new project, but also soon discovering that there was much for me to still learn. Despite knowing a few tools of the trade in social media marketing, there are certain skills that can only be cultivated through experience and not just through books.

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Still, I don’t regret having brought this blog back to life nine months ago. Prior to its reincarnation, this blog was nothing more but one of the many blogs out there in the digital sphere. It was just floating around, aimlessly, with no purpose, but simply existing. It was equivalent to that of an egg cell, hoping that one day it would be fertilized by a burst of inspiration. I further regret to say that it waited in vain for four years until finally it was given new life during a time that many people struggled and grappled to understand the implications of. I am talking about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In mid-2020, I gave birth to this blog. I named it Crispy Confessions, after searching long and hard for a name that was both unique and memorable. At the time, I didn’t realize how much the search results would pull up fried chicken when googling the name. At the time, I didn’t even realize that I would have anything interesting to write. I was just an ordinary girl in her mid-twenties (at that time), or so I always told myself constantly throughout my life. There wasn’t anything special about me that was different from everyone else.

But what I had conveniently forgotten is that I was — and am — different. I used to call myself a fully fledged minority, half jokingly, and as a way to feel good about being so different from the people around me. I called myself this as a way to identify the different facets that made up me. I am biracial, or hapa, the child of a Korean mother and a white American father. I was born a military brat. I grew up with two cultures, speaking two languages. And if that wasn’t all, I am left handed. In almost every way possible, I am different from the majority.

How that is relevant to this blog and what I am realizing now is that I can use that to my advantage. I can write about my experiences as a fully fledged minority. I can write with abandon about topics that matter much to me, simply because most people don’t know what it’s like to me with my experiences. And despite the billions — trillions — of blogs out there in the blogging sphere, every one of those blogs are unique because of the people behind them. Every one of those blogs are written with a different writing style and life experience.

That is what is that best thing about blogging. It has given many of us a voice that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Sure, I might be one of millions out there, but nevertheless I am still one voice out of many. And that makes all the difference.

So, this blog was first conceived six years ago and reincarnated nine months ago, but it is still one unique voice in a sea of vastly different voices, all wanting to be heard and to be validated. The first three months after reincarnation might have been the hardest but I probably created some of my most interesting and thoughtful posts then as I experimented with different techniques of writing style and topics. During the first three months, I wrote creative writing stories, essays about racism and what it meant to be hapa, and book reviews. I was testing the waters, seeing how far I could go, seeing how much I could share, and seeing what this blog would eventually grow to become.

Since then, since those first three months, I have written content that I thought would create value to the reader. I want to not just educate but entertain. I wanted to be a positive, uplifting voice for those who are just a little bit different and yet against all odds manage to survive. I want to share in the hope to reach those who are like me, and also not like me. By sharing information can we get past the differences and bigotry that still exist in the world. By sharing can we make the world a better place for everyone regardless of who they are.

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What kinds of blog posts would you like to see in the future?

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 32 year old biracial millennial mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

17 thoughts on “Reflection: The First Three Months

  1. Loved reading this blog post! I can really relate to the things you’ve mentioned here and think that having a voice is so important. Thanks for sharing, Helen!

  2. Hi, Helen. Like you, I did not have any plan when I began blogging. It was just a way of clarifying some thoughts and the next thing I knew I had a hundred followers. Course, some follow bloggers like you because you are pretty, but even on those you can have a positive influence.
    We will not know until we arrive at our Final Destination just how much or little effect we have had, so just keep on blogging and leave the rest up to The God Who Is Here, aka Yahweh, the LORD, Jesus. Your friend always, c.a. ❤️&🙏

  3. Thank you for your post. Having a voice and staying true to who you are is important. I love originality and genuineness. 😊

    1. Yes absolutely, definitely the most important thing especially today when it is often hard to separate what is original and what isn’t.

  4. Loved reading this!! I very admire the dedication you have towards your amazing blog Helen. Well done keep up the good work!!

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