My Top Five Goals for the 2020-2021 School Year

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When I dropped off my daughter at preschool this morning, her teacher gave me a Get To Know Your Child worksheet to fill out. One of the items on there mentioned the goals that I have for my daughter. In other words, what do I hope for my daughter to accomplished this school year.

1–Make Friends

This school year, I hope that my daughter makes friends. I hope that she starts to come out of her shell and just have fun with other kids her age. I hope that she finds that one or two special friend who can be The One. You know, we all have one. The friend that you’ve known since preschool. The friend that you go to preschool, elementary school, and then eventually high school with. The friend who’s practically like family.

2–Learn a Lot

This is definitely a no brainer. You go to school to learn so it’s only natural that I would want my daughter to learn a lot. I want her to learn to read and improve her handwriting skills. But besides that, I want her to learn some social skills. You guys, she’s never been to daycare so this is her first time in a classroom surrounded by ten-fifteen kids her age. She will learn things there that she wouldn’t be able to get at home with Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Brother.

3–Be More Independent

Though it is heart wrenching to see my four year old walk with her teacher to her new classroom, I know that it is her first sign of independence. There will be many of these moments throughout her life, until she finally flies the nest for college or the army or technical school. She will now learn what it is like to be away from Mommy and Daddy and Baby Brother. She will learn that she can do things her herself away from her inner circle. It will give her the confidence that she needs to ultimately be successful at life.

4–Embrace Change

This is particularly relevant especially since she is going to school during a pandemic, after months of lock down. She is going to school where the norm is to wear a mask and social distance from people. But despite this, she is making the best of it. She is learning how to deal with change. She is embracing it. And eventually she will conquer it. Change can be a good thing. It is only how we react to change that ultimately shapes our true character.

5–Have Fun!!!

Finally, I hope that she has fun at preschool. That is probably the most important lesson. That no matter what you do, or no matter what curve balls life throws at you, it is important to put on a brave face and have fun. Life is short. So make the best of it by playing and having fun.

Do you have a kid going to school this year? Or you going to school? What are your goals for this current school year?

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