It is all coming full circle

My baby boy.

I can’t remember the exact moment that I wanted to be a writer. I do know that my first short story happened when I was in fourth grade. It was about a little boy. I can’t remember the details now. But it was a very generic, less than one page, double-spaced story. It wasn’t very good.

But ultimately my interest in writing became more pronounced after reading books such as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, The Baby-Sitters’ Club series, The Dear America Series, and, of course, Harry Potter. These were hands down my favorite books from the elementary to the middle school era. I loved these books for very different reasons.

I loved Anne Frank’s Diary because she really spoke to me at that age. I was a soon to be teenager who was trying to figure out my place in the world, like Anne Frank who was doing the same but in much, much more trying, difficult, devastating circumstances.

I loved The Baby-Sitters’ Club series as well as The Baby-Sitters’ Club Little Sisters series because these books were fun, engaging, and so relatable. I was able to either relate to Kristy and Mary-Ann and I wanted to be like artistic Claudia and sophisticated Stacy. I wanted to start a babysitters club like them, never mind the fact that I had no first hand experience with babies, being an only child.

And then there was the Dear America series. These books featured a fictional historical figure. I loved reading these books and learning about what had happened in America thousands of years ago from the point of views of girls like me. These books probably gave me my love of historical fiction.

These books were all very important to me and my childhood. I tried to emulate these books as I started to write longer stories than the short story I wrote at the tender age of eight or nine. I came to find that I really enjoyed it. I loved writing and getting lost in a story. It gave me the same satisfaction as reading a book. But the only difference was that with writing I was in control. I was the captain of this ship and I could steer it any way I chose.

But I’ve never written a children’s book. I’ve always written a YA book or short stories. I’ve always written books about teenagers and young adults and their families. But this time, at this point in my life, writing a children’s book seems fitting. It even seems fitting that I got my inspiration from my nearly seven month old baby boy.

It is all coming full circle now. And I love it.

If you are interested in the books mentioned above, please check them out here:

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  1. Definitely write that children’s book! Write all the stories you’d want your little boy to hear.

    All the best, Michelle (

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