I’m a Better Person because of Social media

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As a 90s kid, I didn’t exactly grow up with social media. In fact, social media didn’t become prevalent until after I had graduated from high school. Needless to say, I started actively using social media in my early twenties, when it was relatively new. Despite the novelty and excitement of social media, I was quickly made aware of the possible repercussions that it could have. With this awareness came the ability to treat social media differently. Knowing this, it ultimately helped me to become a better person. These are the 3 reasons why.

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Why social media has made me a better person

Being smart

One thing that social media has taught me is the importance of being smart. Now, I am not talking about regurgitating facts from a science textbook. Rather, I am talking about being smart about people. Because social media is on the Internet, you never know who you are talking to. What you see in the profile picture could be totally different from the real life persona. It is so easy to get catfished or deceived by people pretending to be someone else. That is why you need to learn quick to distinguish between what appears to be and what actually is.

By learning this, I am able to see through these rose colored glasses. I can see past the pretty pictures of the homes that look like they came straight out of a top rated magazine. I can look past the picture of the smiling family and wonder how many fights ensued before they got the right pose. And I can look at a picture of a perfect moment in time, and wonder if it really was perfect as shown. By keeping these thoughts in mind, I am able to better filter what is real from what isn’t. It makes me a better person by not having me be so gullible or naïve. Instead, I can be smart and use my own judgement to weed out what simply doesn’t seem right.

Achieving goals

Another way that social media has helped me to become a better person is by encouraging me to set and reach lofty goals. When I see someone literally crushing it in the pursuit of a goal I am filled with a renewed sense of determination and ambition. It is like peer pressure in high school, but with heavier repercussions. It is the cutthroat and competitive world of today’s job market. You see someone killing it on social media and you want to do even better.

If it wasn’t for social media, I wouldn’t be as inclined to set goals and then strive to achieve them. But because of social media, it gives me that extra nudge to go for it, to be the best. One reason why is because everyone is watching. Even if you aren’t exactly famous, odds are that you have a small community of people who are watching or reading what you have to say. This goes a long way toward affecting how you present yourself in the future. You want people to like you, and maybe even follow you. This means that you have an extra responsibility to reach for the stars so that people can look up to you, so that one day you can be a better person.

Striving for good health

While it is true that social media can take a toll on your physical and mental health, it can also help it to blossom. I am not disputing that social media can accentuate certain addictive behaviors, cause poor eyesight, and even make you depressed.

Social media can certainly be bad for our physical and emotional health, but it can also be good too. When you join a community of likeminded individuals who are all going through grief, for example, then it creates a great sense of support. By joining this community, then you can both share and receive experiences. You can feel as if you belong, and you can feel as if you are not alone. This can help your mental health by giving yourself a renewed sense of purpose, and it can help your physical health by encouraging you to eat healthy and exercise.

This is why social media is especially important. It gives a sense of community and community is everything. If it wasn’t for these little virtual communities then I probably wouldn’t be on social media. It is why I am active on Twitter — because of the #writingcommunity where I can receive support and encouragement, and give it in return. By finding a sense of belonging, you are able have the purpose and selflove to want to take care of your physical body and mental mind.

It made me a better person — here’s why it’s important

Social media has made me a better person because it has taught me to be smart, achieve my goals, and maintain good health. But what’s more is that through each of these, social media has given me the confidence. Before social media, I was just a girl trying to figure out life. But since social media, I could now be a person who has been given extraordinary tools to change the world. It has made me a better person because it has given me templates to try and then confidence after every successful attempt. As social media continues to grow, I am excited to see what will happen next — and ultimately what kind of person I will be then.

Has social media made you a better person? Why or why not?

Please help me grow!

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 32 year old biracial millennial mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

16 thoughts on “I’m a Better Person because of Social media

  1. Helen, you really expressed the good, as well as the bad issues of social media. As I am a ‘Baby Boomer’, I grew up in a time where it didn’t exist, and I have fond memories of those days before the World Wide Web and social media apps became the norm in our society. When I decided to return to college in my 40’s, I had great experience using the internet, learning to research valid sites, and recognizing questionable sources. Using Facebook for the first time, it has had it’s ups and downs. It is good to connect with old friends, although I have had to unfriend some for the misinformation that they continually post. Twitter is fairly new to me, and have found many people from around the world that tweet wonderful, insightful information, and getting tips from experienced writers has helped a great deal. I have been learning to recognize those with fake accounts, and to avoid those who are more self-centered, post drivel, and drama. The encouragement has been helpful for good mental health and well-being. I think blogging will now be next on my list, and look forward to it!

  2. It’s really good to see your positive side about social medias. You are absolutely right about everything. Even i get motivated to achieve more because of these social medias and my friends community.
    Loved reading this post to the fullest ❤️💯

  3. Hmmm, somehow I am not buying this. 😉 Something tells me you would have turned out pretty spectacular even if Suckerberg never opened up FaceBook and Google never began googling. That’s just the way you are. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:17
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  4. I struggle with this a lot. Social media gets a lot of crap from a lot of ppl, me one of them most times. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see the good in it… I really do see how it’s helped our society in it’s own way (all are obvious).. So I appreciate you highlighting them! I have a smaller social media footprint than the average person my age I think and I’m okay with it- my blog and YouTube (as a voyeur only). 🙂

  5. There are so many great things about social media. As you point out, you just need to be smart and weed out the bad from the good.

    I love how I’ve been able to connect with people from around the world, and how I can stay in touch with people I know who live far away. It really has helped to make the world a smaller place. I hate all the politics and misinformation, though. The “unfollow” option is a beautiful way to deal with all that!

  6. Social media in itself can be deceiving too. Over the years I’ve noticed that the people who spend the most time on social media have no life outside of social media. Whereas people who aren’t on social media are living life offline. But social media would never show this because “if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen.” It’s a paradox, really.

  7. Social media really is a double-edged sword. I love it though. It is sad when people are ripped apart by trolls.

  8. Great post. There are pros and cons to social media, but I make sure to take time away if it gets to be too much. Like you said, I love that we’re able to find a community of like minded people to interact with. This pushes us to be better and strive to achieve our goals.

  9. rarely do people address the pros to social media- it helps us keep connected! of course moderation is key but love this optimisim

    1. Absolutely, there is definitely a lot of stress on the negative ramifications to social media. But as with all things, there is some good that has come about from this digital age.

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