I Was Nominated For The Aesthete Blogger Award!

I was nominated for The Aesthete Blogger Award! Thank you to Rachel from Jasperden Health for nominating me. Jasperden Health is an inspiring and uplifting blog which encourages its readers to live their best physical and emotional life by being healthy. Jasperden Health is chockful of natural tips on getting better sleep and eliminating sunburn, amongst others. Go check out Jasperden Health today!


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  • Tell me a something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
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  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)

What I Admire About This World

When I first read this question, I thought of nature. I thought of the sometimes calm and sometimes violent ocean that can perpetrate so much beauty. I thought of that line where the ocean seems to kiss the brilliant blue vast sky. I thought of the clouds that seem to just float up in the air, serving as perhaps a gateway to the heavens, or simply the logical result of water vapor turning into water droplets. And then, the tall, majestic mountains came to mind and the way they seem to just shoot up into the sky, quite fearlessly. And how the pockets of trees that litter the Earth down below serve as a safe oasis for creatures small and big, and plants of varying sizes and proportions.

Then, I cast my mind around again and I thought that there was something that I admired more than nature, if that was even possible. What I admire the most — or what I want to admire the most — is that all humans have a tiny nugget of goodness within. I believe that all humans are deep down really, really good.

Whenever I see evidence of such kindness, whether in the form of a sweet smile, the opening of a door, or the giving of a gift without any expectation in return, I rejoice in my heart that there is still so much good that exists in the world, and in humanity. When I see people march together in protest of an inalienable and hostile action, my soul leaps up. When I see people talk to someone who is down in the dumps, or people who donate money and time to someone who needs it, I feel happy within. I admire those people. Because it shows that we should still have faith in humanity and the goodness that can result from it.

My Favorite Form of Creativity

If you have been following my blog, my Twitter, and even my Instagram, you would know that my favorite form of creativity is writing. I unfortunately don’t have a natural talent for drawing or painting, much to my dismay. But writing is something that I have always enjoyed — and continue to enjoy. Even though writing can sometimes be considered an art that is not as interactive as other forms of creativity, I refuse to let that sway me. On Twitter, on Instagram, on my blog, and most importantly, for myself, I will continue to write.

My Answers to Rachel’s Questions

1. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

To be honest, I think every place on this Earth is beautiful in its own way. There isn’t really a singular place that can be classified as the most beautiful. Every place, every tree, every river, from across all seven continents and oceans, there is beauty. But to me, the most beautiful place that I have been to is Berlin, Germany. Everything from The Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Tower to the lush greenery in the parks and the clear water in the Spree River that crosses the city is beautiful. Even the sightings of fragments of the old Berlin Wall and the Holocaust memorial are beautiful. There is so much beauty in this one city.

The Brandenburg Gate looms in the focal point of the picture. There are small groups of people clad in rain jackets and umbrellas open under a cloudy sky.
Photo by Viesturs Davidu010duks on Pexels.com

2. What is your favorite post that you have written?

This is another hard question! However, I will have to go with this blog post as it is a reminder of why I should not give up blogging.

3. What’s your favorite food?

I like a lot of different kinds of food! I like trying new things. I don’t really have a specific dish that I enjoy. But the common denominator of all of the dishes that I enjoy and could be a favorite is the spice factor. If the food is really spicy, then chances are really good that I will love it.

4. Anything special planned for this summer?

Well, the summer is almost over. I would like to check out this park that has these beautiful, clear springs and ponds. It would be another great place to go swimming, which is my favorite thing to do, next to writing and reading.

Sharing a Creation

My latest creation on my Instagram page — a picture I took, along with a story

My Nominees

  1. Maya’s Life and Travels
  2. Michelle’s Clutterbox
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  4. Querianson
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  6. Vacation Pending
  7. Lifestyle Season

Questions for My Nominees

  1. What creative pursuit are you currently working on? How is that going?
  2. What is your favorite color and why?
  3. Do you have any special plans for the remainder of this year?
  4. What is your most recent blog post and your inspiration for writing it?


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  1. Thank you so much for nominating me Helen I really appreciate it coming from you! Loved reading your answers and congratulations for being nominated for the aesthete blogger award 🥇

  2. Congratulations 🎊 and thank you for the nomination. I love summer reading. I just enjoy getting to take a short break and just read an awesome book 📚

  3. Thank you so much for answering my nomination and for the shout out.
    I love your blog post on not giving up blogging.
    And your description of nature and the kindness of people is beyond beautiful. 😀

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