I Love Summer — Here Are 7 Reasons Why

I love summer. Summer marks the midpoint of the year, the celebration of the end of school, and a time to try out some new hobbies. It might not be the time that flowers start to bloom, but it is the time that flowers start to grow and prosper. Summer is when life is in abundance, birds sing from the trees, and rain falls delicately giving free showers to all. There is so much good to be found in this one season, summer, that starts with the summer solstice on June 21st and ends on September 20th. Summer might not be my favorite season, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love summer because I still do. I love summer — here are 7 reasons why I do.

I Love Summer — Here Are 7 Reasons Why

The time for ice cream

When I think of summer, I think of ice cream. I think of that cool treat that is so soft and smooth and comes in so many different flavors. I think of that treat that you can trace valleys with with your tongue. To me, ice cream is the ultimate summer treat. It is semi-healthy, a reward for doing good, and a way to cool down during those hot summer days. Ice cream is the best.

A young girl taking a selfie with an ice cream cup inside an ice cream shop in the summer.
My daughter taking a selfie with ice cream pre-covid, of course.

A respite from the stress

When summer starts, kids are either graduating from school or finishing their grade. Teachers take the time off, getting a break from those rowdy kids they’ve seen everyday for the past year. Other adults opt to take a week-long or even a month-long break. After a stressful first half of the year, summer is the time to breathe, relax, and enjoy. After work, work, and work, there can finally be play.

Beach and pool adventures galore

If ice cream is the treat that is synonymous with summer food, then the beach and pool adventures are the ultimate summer fun. Unlike the rest of the year when it is too cold, or not hot enough, summer is the only time that you can enjoy the beach and the pool. During those 99 degree (Fahrenheit, of course!) days, the water is warm, heated from the sun. The sand is also warm, sometimes even scorching hot, almost burning the palms of the hands and feet. But regardless, there is nothing better than to swim in the pool in 99 degree weather or relax on the sand, with a plethora of sunscreen.

A swimming pool in the summer
My happy place — the swimming pool

Days and nights are not cold

During the rest of the year, when you venture outside you are hit by a blast of chill. But in the summer, you can step outside in the thinnest of clothes, barefoot and all, and not feel cold. Even at night, it is still warm and beautiful in the summer.

Gone are the days of melancholy

Many people suffer from this thing called Seasonal Depression. Seasonal Depression is a type of depression that affects people particularly in the colder months. People with this disorder tend to be sadder and depressed for long periods of time during the winter months. And then, in the summer, they start to feel better. The colder months tend to drag on, taking your energy and motivation. The weather warms up, and then, boom, gone are the days of melancholy. Don’t you feel better when it is hot and sunny?

Living outside loving summer

Another thing that I love about summer is that I can live. In the summer months, I can eat outside, walk barefoot in the grass, leave the window open. In short, I can lead a more carefree, happy-go-lucky kind of life. As opposed to the closeted existence of the winter months, summer is the time when you can let yourself open and blossom. Summer is the time when you can try new things. You can live.

Petrichor lingers in the air

One of my favorite scents is petrichor. In case you don’t know, petrichor is the scent that lingers just after it rains after a dry spell. I love stepping outside my doors right after it rains just to breathe in that heavenly smell. Somehow, that scent is better than chocolate fudge on top of ice cream. It is better than the smell of the flowers and the scent of pine emanating from the pine trees. It is better than the most expensive of perfumes. Smell petrichor, and you’ve smelled heaven on Earth.

However, there’s one thing

I love summer. But, there’s one thing that I don’t like. I don’t like how the weather gets so hot and humid. At least, down here in the south (of the United States), those hot, muggy months of summer are not the most pleasant of experiences. When that happens, I just go promptly back inside into the A/C. Sometimes that is the only place to be in the summer.

What is one awesome thing that you did this summer?


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13 thoughts on “I Love Summer — Here Are 7 Reasons Why

  1. πŸ™‚ Well, in that case, you will love living in the Tropics; it is always hot and you would be able to eat ice cream anytime you want.

    By the way, I live in the Caribbean and I consider the heat to be highly overrated.

    Thank you for letting me know the reason why you love Summer, Helen.

  2. My brother in the Phoenix valley said it “cooled down” to low 80s at night this week. I do not care how dry it may be, 102F is HOT! 😨 Let me have 65 or less every day when I get to Heaven. Maybe God will let those who want to swim all day have their 80-90 heat, but for some of us, we will stay in the Heavenly mountains where it will be cool to cold!
    Here on earth, no matter how cold it gets, you can always add layers. But when it gets hot, you can only take off so much before your neighbors call the police! πŸ˜‚
    And there oughta be a law against anyone over 60 (like me) wearing shorts or tank tops! πŸ˜‰
    ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

    1. Yes 90 degree weather is pretty hot… when that happens there is no other place I like to be than at the pool or the beach

  3. We’re just wrapping up two weeks off work. We stayed close to home and explored places within easy driving distance. It was a lot of fun. It has been unbearably hot and humid here this week. It’s supposed to cool off this weekend, thank goodness.

    Something awesome I did this summer. We took a drive yesterday to the only covered bridge left in Ontario. We drove across it, and then walked across it, and then went for a walk by the river. It was awesome because all 4 of us went. Our older daughter was home for a few days so spending time all together was extra special.

  4. Great post! I love ice cream! Here in the uae It’s amazing weather all year round and I get to have it every day! So it’s kind of a staple part here instead of in summer. I also love swimming and going to beach! Swimming is one of my favourite ways of exercise. The other day I went on a walk at 2am in the 22 degree night heat and it was really nice. It was stunning!! I also went swimming the other day and went out at night on marina mall promenade in dubai marina. Great post

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