I Got The Second Covid Shot — This is What Happened

In the previous episode, I elaborated in much detail about my experience getting the first Covid shot. In this article, I am going to continue that story. Before we delve into what happened during and after getting the second shot, click the link here to read part one of my Covid vaccination story.

My Covid-19 Vaccination Story, part II

Between a rock and a hard place

After I got that first Covid shot, I had to wait twenty-eight days. During this seemingly interminable wait, I felt as if I was between a rock and a hard place. Specifically, I felt as if I had my foot in both worlds. You could say that I was half vaccinated. I wasn’t exactly unvaccinated since I had gotten the first shot, but I wasn’t fully vaccinated either. Similar to how I felt nearly my entire life as a biracial person, I was once again stuck in between two extremes.

For twenty-eight days, this was how I felt. When going out in public, I wore a mask and tried to keep some distance between me and the next person in line. I noticed that there were more and more people who were not wearing masks, and I assumed it was because they were fully vaccinated. Part of me longed to join this elite group, one which you could only join if you had two dates on your Covid vaccination card. But the other part of me knew that I would still keep wearing my mask. I would keep wearing my mask just to be safe, and because I kind of liked wearing one.

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But then as the weeks dragged on, I saw the numbers of Covid cases increasing. Specifically, I saw the Delta variant make its rounds all across the country and the world, forcing many back into lockdown into the safety of their own homes. I consumed articles about vaccinated people still carrying the virus, such as this one here. And I wondered if getting vaccinated was pointless if it didn’t offer the bulletproof protection that I was seeking.

Getting the second Covid shot on an “unlucky” day

Despite my fears, soon the twenty-eight days came to an end. On day twenty-nine, I went back to my local Publix to get that second Covid shot. Last time, I was almost giddy with excitement. This time, I just wanted to get it over with. I had waited long enough after all. So, I got the second Covid shot on the morning of the 13th of August, which was a Friday.

Getting the second Covid shot on a Friday the 13th was absolutely perfect. I have always have had fairly good luck on Friday the 13th. I suppose the only bad spot about that day was that it rained that morning. But rain isn’t necessarily bad. Rain helps plants grow, moisturizes the Earth, and even helps to relieve stress. So, the fact that that day started off with rain was actually very good because it put me in a better mindset to finally get this last and final shot.

Thankfully though, the rain didn’t last long. It rained for a few hours, with rolling thunder and water falling heavily, making the ground tremble as it soaked up all that moisture. Soon, the rain stopped and you could smell the petrichor and see the water clinging to the leaves on the branches. When the rain did finally stop, I went to the nearest Publix to get the final Covid shot, once again with my 1 year old baby boy.

A woman wearing a mask while waiting to get the second Covid shot
Waiting to get the second Covid shot

At the Publix

As soon as the automatic doors closed behind me, I walked straight up to the pharmacy counter and asked to get the second Covid shot. But alas! — they informed that I had to wait about twenty minutes before I could get it. I bit back my disappointment and decided to do a little shopping, walking up and down the aisle looking for the BOGOs — which are really the only things worth buying at Publix.

Thankfully, the twenty minutes passed pretty quickly while I meandered through the aisles. I made my way back to the pharmacy. This time, I didn’t even have to ask. They just called my name, had me once again fill out the immunization consent form, and then once again I had to wait. Unlike last time however, the wait before getting the shot lasted just a few minutes.

The pharmacist called my name once again and I was directed back to that oh so familiar room. Sitting down in that very same black chair, I was again reminded of being in an execution room. Once again, I had my son on my lap. The pharmacist came in, explained that I may experience some flu-like symptoms for the next day or so, and then proceeded to administer the shot. Again, I looked away, my eyes clenched tight, and then it was over.

I was now vaccinated.

crop female arm with a Publix band aid after getting the second Covid shot
Sporting the Publix band aid after geting the second Covid shot

(I hesitate to say that I was fully vaccinated. Even though I had gotten the required two shots of the vaccine, I wasn’t fully vaccinated. According to the CDC, an individual isn’t fully vaccinated until two weeks after getting the second dose of the vaccine.)

What happened after

After getting that second dose, I felt that oh so familiar soreness in my left arm. It hurt when I tried to move my arm back and forth like a pendulum. Last time, it helped when I took an over-the-counter ibuprofen. But the soreness didn’t seem to abate this time around to my shocking disappointment. But thinking that it would go away by the next day, I shrugged it off, only to be proven wrong immediately.

The next day, on the 14th of August, I woke up extremely early. I felt cold. I was shivering and had chills. Even when I turned off the A/C, I was still cold. I ended up getting back into bad with the blanket around me, trying to get warm. Hoping that this was just temporary, I drifted back to sleep. When I woke up the following morning, I felt terrible. I was still cold, tired, and had a headache in my left temple that just wouldn’t go away. I also felt weak but had no appetite. So, I ended up taking brief naps every few hours or so. The naps seemed to help, but they weren’t enough to completely vanquish this ever persistent sick feeling.

That day was definitely the worst and seemed to drag on forever. Until about 5:00 on that day, when I started to feel like my old self. I no longer felt tired, no longer had a headache, and no longer wanted to take a nap. Instead, I had gotten my appetite back and had a craving for kimchijeon. And then, by 5 o’clock, I started to feel better. It was strange and miraculous, almost as if I was only supposed to feel sick up until a certain point and then it was gone as quick as it arrived.

What happens now

As I write this today, I realize that it’s been exactly seven days since I got the second Covid shot. Despite the expected side effects that I experienced, the rest of the week went by without a hitch. I spent much of the week working on blog articles for this blog. I also saw my 5 year old daughter off to Kindergarten, a moment that is fused with much joy and happiness and minute traces of sadness and desolation.

And then after another week, I will be fully vaccinated at last.

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How did you feel after getting the second Covid shot?

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16 thoughts on “I Got The Second Covid Shot — This is What Happened

  1. I remember after getting my second shot having a wave of relief. So much stress washed out of my body. These vaccines definitely represent hope in its purist form.

    1. Yes absolutely. It is all about giving people some comfort. It is also about giving people some control back and the feeling that they can do something active to prevent getting this virus. One way to do that is to get vaccinated. Another way is to wear a mask.

  2. i would have rescheduled if my shot was on friday the 13th! haha jk…
    the second round was the toughest for me. i slept a lot and had a fever and chills. now, i’m debating whether i’ll get the booster or not.
    congrats on being fully vaxxed!

  3. Here in Kentucky, one cannot be sure (and I suspect in other more southern states, the same) that unmasked people are vaccinated. Many just thought the vaccines and the masks were a government attempt to see how well they could make us cooperate!
    And rising positivity rates (whatever that means) suggests we need to still be cautious.
    As I noted before, I expect to be masked whenever out in public for the short rest of my life, but I do not think the government should mandate that. Inform us honestly with accurate information, ASK before enrolling everyone in a nationwide clinical trial, and let us make informed decisions.
    I am glad you have recovered well from the second shot and hope boosters become unneeded by the time you would qualify. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  4. I was exactly the same as you after my 2nd shot. I woke up the morning after and felt terrible – body aches, chills followed by sweats, and a terrible a headache. I had a bath, laid on the couch for a few hours, then by the afternoon I was fine. It definitely feels good to be fully vaxxed though!

  5. I’m so happy you’re fully vaccinated! I’m also eligible to go from this week forward 🙂

  6. Congrats on getting your shots! That awkward feeling doesn’t go away though. You don’t have to wear a mask here, but some people wear one anyway just to put people around them at ease. I’ve also noticed that different stores seem to have different clientele. In some stores, most people wear masks. In other stores, almost 20% don’t wear masks. And this observation seemed to be the same for each store on different days!

    1. Yeah, same here. It’s really up to the store since the state isn’t really mandating masks. But the majority of stores only require masks for unvaccinated people. I’ve only seen one store (H&M) that now requires masks for everyone

  7. Awesome!! I’m glad that you have gotten both shots! My first dose, I was so sore, I couldn’t lift my arms at all and had chills. The second dose, I was completely fine! It’s different for everyone. Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  8. those chills were horrible. felt as if death was just around the corner.
    and then after a couple hours? nothing. life was normal again.

    thanks Immune system.

    congratulations on getting the shots.

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