How to Write the Perfect Comment

One component to blogging that I feel is often overlooked is the comment section. I think that the comment section is probably one of the most important parts of a blog post. Similar to a blog post, whose purpose is to convey information, the comment section also strives to give additional information. It is an opportunity for the reader to engage with the blogger, giving their opinion and feedback. Too often people think of blogging as a solitary chore. But really, the comment section helps to make blogging an interactive form of two-way (or even three way) conversation.

In order to be an active member of the blogging community, you must read and comment on other blogs, as well reply to comments left on your blog. Too many times I find comments that are simple two or three words. I am not saying that is wrong. In some cases, only two or three words might be perfect in conveying what you want to say. In fact, I have been known to write comments that are one or two words. Whether the comment is long or short, it is always best to write a comment that is meaningful and thoughtful, while showing a unique perspective. Scroll down for my personal tips on how to write the perfect comment!

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Give a Compliment

After reading the blog post thoroughly, maybe even twice, you should take a moment to consider what to write. The first thing that you should consider is what you like about the blog post. What is it about the blog article that you feel was exceptionally well done? Is it the execution, the writing style, or the word choice? Or, is it the quality or quantity of the images used? Is it the subject matter that interested you? Whatever it is, say something that you enjoyed about the blog post. Bonus points if you can directly quote or give a specific example of the thing that you most enjoyed. Don’t be vague by using words like Great post. Instead say something like, I like how you described the incident between the turtle and the fox. This way the blogger knows that you really read the blog post and isn’t just commenting for the sake of commenting.

Show How You Relate

After giving a compliment (or two) to the blogger, you should now express how you relate to the blog post. How did the blog post make you feel? Did it manage to activate any of your five senses? When you saw that picture of a cup of coffee, did you suddenly have a hankering for a delicious cup of iced mocha coffee? When you saw a picture of a plate of delicious salmon, did you hear your stomach growl in protest? However the blog post affected you, talk about that in your comment. Say how you feel about the subject matter. Do you agree, or disagree? If you agree, then give a funny or informative anecdote that relates to the blog post. If you disagree, then tell the blogger that you do, by giving an informative and valid example. Remember that the blogger isn’t just there to write or inform, but to also engage and learn from the reader. Blogging is very much a two-way conversation, with both the reader and blogger learning from each other.

Ask a Question

And lastly, similar to how blog articles should have a call-to-action, so should a comment. End the comment by asking a question. I suggest that you steer away from yes-no question, and instead gravitate toward open-ended questions. By asking a question in the comment you can accomplish two things: 1–show the blogger that you are willing to discuss the subject matter further and 2–continue the conversation. A comment should not simply be one-and-done, but a conversation between the interested parties, giving more substance and life to the very soul of the blog post.

What would you add to this list?

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14 thoughts on “How to Write the Perfect Comment

  1. Good morning, Helen. I want to ask a question, or your opinion on a question Melanie Bee asked on comments. Your post points out the need to comment. Melanie brought up the question of how ‘windy’ or short should comments be. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading!
      Personally, I feel that as long as the comment is thoughtful and shows depth, it really doesn’t matter how long or short it is. At the same time, I don’t think that the comment should be super long, ‘windy’.. it shouldn’t be longer than the blog post anyway because then it feels as if you are simply monopolizing the conversation… If you wanted to write a long piece like that then the best solution would be to just quote them, or reblog them and then write your rebuke/commendation underneath…
      What do you think? Do you think it’s okay for a comment to be extremely long or short?

  2. Not sure if my first comment posted so feel free to delete if this is a duplicate.

    I love when readers engage with my blog and I learn so much from the dialogue.

    I would add that it’s okay to disagree with the post, or a point made in the post, as long as you do so respectfully. It’s good to hear different viewpoints.

    1. Absolutely! It would be totally boring to have people just agree with you. Gotta have the diversity lol πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Wow Helen, I had never thought about writing a good comment. I obviously appreciate it when readers leave healthy words that do show that they read the post, but I always assumed that having too long of a comment would be better suited by writing a response blog post. It’s interesting to see a different perspective. How does one finally end the conversation in the comment section though? I presume each person would try to one-up with a question at the end of their response πŸ˜…

    1. lol that is a good point! But I think at one point someone will run out of questions & come to a neutral agreement lol

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Loving the new look of your blog Helen. I tried to change my “Banner” and have my Blog headings at the top like yours, but I’m such a technophobe. Any hints greatly accepted. And yes, I agree with the above – it’s important to comment where possible, and engage with fellow bloggers.

    1. Hey! Thank you & thanks for reading! I just took a look at your blog — it seems that you have a blog header & blog description at the top. But if you want to make a customized one then I recommend that you use, add images, use whatever font you want, and then upload it. You can upload by going to your blog, hitting customize at the bottom right corner and then a sidebar should come up at the left. I believe it is the “header image” that you click & you can upload your new header. though I think you already have a header uploaded (the quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn) so you would have to probably remove that and make a new header with your blog name…

      1. Aaaww, thank you for this Helen. I will take a look and try to change it. I’m not so good at all this stuff and I’m scared I’ll “break” everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. I think on the biggest ways to write a perfect complement is if someone actually reads the post properly! I often get comments where people just come to ask me for advice on unrelated topics haha x

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