How To Overcome Blogger’s Block

How To Overcome Blogger’s Block

Just imagine this: you are sitting at your desk staring at a blank word processor document. Your head is in your hands. Your head feels ridiculously heavy. You go back and forth between one idea and the next. But somehow each one doesn’t seem good enough.

Sound familiar? This is a scenario that I experienced today. I was laying on the floor with the laptop in front of me. The word processor document was white and utterly empty, devoid of any words. I cast my eyes around the room, hoping to find inspiration. I cast my eyes on things such as the TV and rug in the living room and the crockpot in the kitchen. I wondered if I could use those objects as the subject of my next post, but somehow they didn’t seem good enough.

Whenever this happens, I try these techniques to help me overcome blogger’s block. And yes, blogger’s block is a real thing. It is like writer’s block, but for bloggers.

How To Overcome Blogger’s Block

1–Take a Break

Step away from the computer and take a break. Go eat that last bite of cake. Go on Twitter or Instagram and socialize with your followers. Go write a poem. Go watch a YouTube video. Go take a walk. Just do something that you enjoy. And then, after a few minutes, or even an hour, come back and try writing again. Often a fresh perspective helps get those creative juices flowing.

2–Get Ideas from Pinterest

When I am stuck and can’t think of anything to write about, my first solution is to hop on Pinterest. I type in ‘blog post ideas’ in the Pinterest search engine. Often times, I will find quite a few pins on blog post ideas. I’ll read through them, waiting for an epiphany. I’ll read them, carefully considering each idea, carefully thinking each of them through, asking myself if it would be a good topic to write about. Often times, I am able to find a great idea just by browsing on Pinterest.

Check out this board to help give you some inspiration for your next blog post! Your next idea is only a pin away!

3–Use Generators

No, I’m not talking about the kind that is used to power up your home. I am talking about online generators that can be used to power up inspiration.

Just hop on over to an online generator, such as this content generator or even this blog title generator. Just type in a word or two, and then let the generator do the work for you. Generators are great in that it can help you find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

4–Ask Google

Or, instead of using content generators, you can simply start asking Google a question. Ask a “how to” or a “why” question, and then see what pops up. When I type in “how to,” I get automated responses such as “how to create a blog” or “how to make money online.” Use these suggestions as a starting point for a blog post.

5–Create a Mind Map

Create a diagram or a mind map. Start with a concrete or abstract word. Draw a circle around it. And then write down a couple of words that you associate with the main word. Draw circles around those words and connect the circles. Keep going as you get more specific and find your blog niche.

Click here to learn how to make a mind map for your next blog post. Use a mind map to help you explore topics to places that you’ve never imagined going before.

6–Repurpose Old Content

If you’re lacking ideas, another solution would be to simply repurpose or rewrite an old blog article from a couple of months or even a few years back. Perhaps you might have more, or better, information about the subject. Perhaps you’ve changed your point of view about it. Or, perhaps you think that you could do a better job the second time around. After all, the third time is the charm.

7–Keep an Open Mind

When looking for ideas, the most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind. Anything in and around your work space could conceivably be used as a topic for a blog article. Even something as silly as a baby rattle could be written about in an innovative way. For example, you could write about the merits of baby rattles. What are the pros and cons? Are they worth the financial investment? Always be prepared to embrace the unexpected when it comes to finding ideas for a blog article.

Fortunately, blogger’s block is not an incurable concept. It can be overcome. By using the tips and tricks outlined above, you are bound to get inspired and get writing on your next awesome blog post.

And you, my dear reader, let me know in the comments below how inspiration for blog posts come to you!

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18 thoughts on “How To Overcome Blogger’s Block

  1. I created a blog bank, which is just a Pages doc with a long list of pre-planned ideas of what to write about. This makes knowing what to write about next a breeze, especially because I rarely blog about the present.

  2. Yeah, even I head over to Pinterest whenever I feel stuck. For me, I just write down a draft whenever idea strikes and later on, write about it. I love researching about different topics, so that’s where I get my ideas from. Thanks for the content generator idea though, will try it next.

  3. Omg. Repurpose old work is how I survived here so far. I follow some of these really talented and prolific writers/bloggers and I’m left in awe by how frequently they write new stuff. It’s one of the reasons why my blog is slumbering right now too. Hopefully I can dig up some old content soon to recycle them here. 😅🙈🖤

    1. I’ve repurposes a few posts recently and found that it gets better and better with each subsequent posting. 🙂
      Sending your positive vibes! <3

  4. It’s weird but looking at memes and 9gag sometimes helps me to come up with blog post ideas (weird, I know). Looking through old magazines and newspapers has also been sources of inspiration in the past.

    PS. I lost all my subscribers due to a tech problem – would you mind subscribing again?

    All the best, Michelle (

    1. I love how just about anything can be used as a source of inspiration. I will have to check out 9gag — I’ve never heard of it before.

      PS. I am still following you on wordpress.


  5. I think I was suffering a bloggers block some weeks ago. I have a several articles to write but it just doesn’t flow. I end up decorating and hoping I can start a new entry in the days to come.

  6. I like your tips, especially the first one. Sometimes stepping away for a bit is just what we need even if it seems counterintuitive. Everything seems fresher after a good break!

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