How To Create The Perfect Instagram Post

Anybody who uses Instagram with any sort of frequency may have asked themselves this question: How to create the perfect Instagram post? How do you choose an image that will get lots of engagement in the form of likes, saves, and shares? What do you write in the caption that will keep your audience interested and engaged? What is the secret to creating the perfect Instagram post? In this post, I will talk about the three elements on how to create the perfect Instagram post.

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How To Create The Perfect Instagram Post

How To Create The Perfect Instagram Post

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When creating the perfect Instagram post, try to imagine a giant, juicy sandwich. What does a giant, juicy sandwich consist of? Well, there is the bread, which is the part that you see. The bun would be the Instagram picture. In between the bread is the filling. The filling consists of the meat and the veggies. The meat is most often the same, though the quality and even the quantity can vary widely from sandwich to sandwich depending on preference. The meat would be the Instagram caption. And then, there are the veggies, which typically are the same three or four veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onion), with a few more added in depending on preference. And the veggies would be the Instagram hashtags.

The Bread

Similar to a sandwich bread, the Instagram picture is the first thing that you see. An attractive picture can mean the difference between scrolling past quickly, or pausing to see if is worth your time to consume it. Again, similar to a sandwich bread, if it doesn’t look good or beautiful, then you will most likely choose to not consume it. It is the same with an Instagram picture. You want it to be appealing to at least one of the five senses. You also want the picture to look like it was professionally done, and not simply equivalent to a spur of the moment selfie taking on a whim in the corner of your bathroom.

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For those who aren’t as artistically inclined, there are a few tricks that you can use to create a picture that looks as if it was taken by a professional photographer. For one, you can use Canva. There is so much that you can do with Canva to help create a perfect Instagram post. You have access to thousands of stock photos and hundreds of fonts, as well as background images and other artistic elements that you can use to make your Instagram picture stand out from the fray. Another tool that you can use (that is free!) is the photo editing app Snapseed. I use this one in particular for the photos that I take. I find that it is particularly useful in helping to emphasize certain elements in the photo, change the lighting and color scheme, and delete any flaws in the picture. So far, it is the best (free) app that I’ve found so far. And then, you an also invest in a ring light to help you have good lighting in your photos from the start. It also allows you to prop your phone or camera so that it remains steady. Nothing is worse then trying to take a picture with an unsteady hand.

The Meat

When first looking at a sandwich at first glance, the meat might not be as noticeable as the bun, but it is no less important. The meat is similar to the caption found in the Instagram post. It is not as noticeable and might not be as aesthetically pleasing as the picture, but it is the very essence of the post. I would even argue that this is the most important part of the post. The caption’s primary purpose is to tell a story about the picture. You can use it to inspire, motivate, or to give advice. You can tell a story from your past, one which you hope to inspire others. You can post a quote or proverb, and then express your thoughts about it. Or, you can teach your audience how to do something, or why they should do something.

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If the picture is supposed to make your audience stop, the caption is supposed to make them stay put, think, and then reply to your content. One way that you can have your audience quickly respond is by incorporating a call-to-action at the end of every caption. By having a call-to-action, it ensures two things: 1–they respond and 2–they stay on your post long enough to make an impact. So, when you are crafting the caption for your Instagram post, remember to write honestly about something that you are passionate about, make sure that it related to the picture, and include a call-to-action so they know what to do after reading.

The Veggies

And, finally, the last component of this big, juicy sandwich is the veggies. The veggies is equivalent to the hashtags. You can put different vegetables inside your sandwich. Similarly, it is recommended that you use different hashtags in your post (or in the first comment of the post). You can use up to thirty hashtags per post. I recommend that you use a mixture of small and medium, with a few bigger hashtags thrown in for good measure. By using this method, it helps your post reach as many people as possible. You are aiming to not just reach people, but to reach people who would potentially be interested in your content. If they are interested, or it appeals to them, then they are that more likely to follow you.

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But how to choose the right hashtags for your Instagram post? Primarily, I suggest that you choose hashtags that are relevant to your content. You can find relevant hashtags by doing your research. Before even posting, look up hashtags in Instagram’s search and see what kind of content is posted. See how popular the hashtag is and how often new posts are generated to determine how effective it would be for overall reach as well as how quickly people would be able to find your post. You want hashtags that reach different communities. You could incorporate a few hashtags related to what the content is all about, and then a few related to the overall message of your business.


Similar to a sandwich, the Instagram post contains three components: the bread, the meat, and the veggies. The bread is the picture, or what you see. The meat is the caption, or the very essence of the post. And the veggies are the hashtags. Similar to a sandwich, the hashtags give variety and flavor.

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