How to Craft That Perfect Tweet

How to craft that perfect tweet
How To Craft That Perfect Tweet

Twitter is a powerful microblogging social media platform. It’s superpower is not just words but the ability to create good, lasting content in as few characters as possible. Many people struggle with writing; many more struggle with creating content that is short and to the point. In the social media age, this is a must. Failure to do so can result in less replies, less shares, and ultimately less engagement.

I am here to share with you seven tips and tricks that I have used to help me craft that perfect tweet.

1–Use Call-to-Actions

You’ve got to make the tweet compelling. You’ve got to give the audience a sense of urgency. You can do this by providing a call-to-action. Ask questions. Start a poll. Tell them to download something. Provide a link to a blog or a website. Whatever it is, get them to do something.

2–Use Visuals

In the word-dominated world of Twitter, pictures or GIFs can be used to help make your tweet stand out. Post a picture of something that you are passionate about. Post a funny GIF in a tweet or a response. If appropriate, add emojis to show how you feel.

3–Use Active Verbs

Use active verbs; don’t use passive ones.

4–Don’t Use Adjectives

It’s about the action that you want from the audience. It’s not so much about how pretty something is. Don’t use descriptive words. Use only the words that are absolutely necessary.

5–Use 0-2 Hashtags

Don’t use more than two hashtags. This is not Instagram. Using just one or two hashtags is sufficient. In some cases, it is better to not use hashtags at all. Just let the message speak for itself. If it’s a good one, then it will spread like wildfire.

6–Keep It Short

There’s a reason why the maximum character limit on Twitter is 280. Write short, simple sentences. Save the fluff for the book.

7–Give Value

Every tweet that you compose should give value. Ask yourself how this message can help the audience. Are you offering a service, a freebie, or information? We always write tweets for our audience.

Overall, keep the tweet simple, short, and to the point. Use images and hashtags only if it is necessary. Always make sure to have a call-to-action. Always give value to the audience.

What would you add to this list?

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    1. You’re welcome!!
      I usually don’t use any hashtags on Twitter simply because the tweet can spread pretty quickly by RT and liking, depending on the type of content of course

  1. I am loving this post! Web traffic is so important when it comes to SEO and making those sales that we all strive for as online marketers. You made some very valid points. One thing I struggle with at times is to keep people engaged long enough. I know there is an art to content marketing. Another issue I have found is that people struggle with what to do next with their audience. Lead capture pages etc. Great job!

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