How a Successful Person Uses Affirmations in their Day-to-Day Life

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In the previous post, I wrote about the seven affirmations that you can use as a starting point on the road to positivity. Since the writing of that post, however, I have gotten a few messages, many expressing the concern of not having enough time or not knowing how to use affirmations successfully.

In this blog post, I will give you seven ideas that have either worked for me or others. I hope these things can help you learn how to use affirmations to become a more positive person.

1–“Use a mirror, babe”

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So said Shawn Hunter to Topanga Lawrence in the hit show Boy Meets World after she had drawn a heart using lipstick on her face. Raise your hand if you remember that scene.

Stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. Name three to five things that you love about yourself. For example, I love my dark brown hair, my eyes, and my smile.

Look into the mirror and repeat these things to yourself. Tell yourself what you like. Keeping telling yourself until you start to not just believe it, but until it fills you up so completely that you know it to be a fact.

2–Get Post-It Notes

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Get some post-it notes or index cards and then write affirmations on them. Then, put those notes everywhere around your house. Put one on your desk, put another one on your refrigerator, and another one on your bathroom mirror.

When you are sitting down to work, getting yourself a snack, or going to brush your teeth, you will be reminded of these affirmations. Read these affirmations to yourself. Read them silently, and then read them out loud a couple of times. Every time you see them, read them.

This method is great in that it reminds you to use affirmations. Oftentimes, we are too busy with the daily grind of work and school. Sometimes we forget that we need to take care of us too. Using post-its or index cards is a great way to help us remember ourselves. Otherwise, if we don’t, than what happens to us?

3–Use a Planner

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A planner is a great way to organize the events in your life. But did you know that you can use a planner for a lot more than just jotting down what you plan to do?

You can write small little positive notes to yourself in the margins. You can write things like You can do it! or You are going to get through this!

You can also write inspirational quotes from some of the Literary Greats. You can write down things that inspire you and things that give you the motivation to succeed.

To be honest, I don’t actually use a planner. But I have seen so many wonderful pinterest-worthy examples from other people I know. It seems like such a wonderful idea to convey positivity and kindness in your life. If I ever do get a planner, this is something that I would do.

4–Get a Thesaurus

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Sometimes it can get boring to just say I am beautiful or I am smart. Get a thesaurus — either a print or a digital one — and look for synonyms for these adjectives.

Instead of using beautiful, you can use different words, such as good-looking, attractive, handsome, comely, stunning, enticing, and elegant. Practice saying these words to yourself.

Examine how you feel before and after. If these new words make you feel good, then keep them. Incorporate them into your vocabulary.

Conversely, you can use antonyms to filter out the negative adjectives. For example, let’s take the adjective dumb. According to an online antonym search such as this one, some words that are opposite in meaning to dumb are: ingenious, outgoing, talkative, more innovational, and educational.

Again, stand in front of a mirror and practice using these new words. Don’t just say them. Feel what the words mean and then let yourself be. Replace the negative with the positive. Keep doing this everyday until it becomes a truth.

5–Use a Pen and Paper

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When self-talk doesn’t seem to help, use an old trick that school teachers would assign to misbehaving students.

Get a pen and a notebook and write down the affirmations. Write it down several times. Write it down until the words start to bring you joy.

Afterwards, read the affirmations out loud. Read it whenever you feel bad. Read it to make yourself feel better.

6–Get a Stress Ball

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Sometimes when you feel negative, you may get consumed by certain negative, unhealthy, emotions. Instead of resorting to these unhealthy behaviors, invest in a stress ball.

Hold the stress ball in your hand, squeeze it once or twice, and then repeat several appropriate affirmations to yourself. Say I can handle my emotions in a positive way or I am strong so I can get through this.

Keep squeezing the stress ball over and over again. Feel the negative emotions leave your body. Keep squeezing and repeating the positive affirmations to yourself until you can muster a smile or even a half smile.

Keep doing this until you feel better.

7–Use a Friend

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Once you are able to repeat the affirmations to yourself, in front of a mirror, then take the next step of repeating it to a friend. That friend can be a human or an animal.

Telling yourself was the hard part. Telling someone else is the easy part. If you can tell yourself, then you can tell anyone how amazing you are.

I think it’s important to say affirmations to a friend. Friends are a system of support. A close friend is there for us through the good and the bad. A close friend can witness the affirmations being said and then validate it. They can agree with you. When it comes to self care, validation is extremely important.

What is your method for verbal self-care?

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16 thoughts on “How a Successful Person Uses Affirmations in their Day-to-Day Life

  1. Yess love this! It’s so nice to be able to set intentions and use affirmations to control the direction of your day and not let your day control you! ✨

  2. Oh, for the post it notes and the journal:
    Bring it to friends before you use them. Have your friends and family-those you love and trust- write a bunch of inspirational sayings and words on them. It will mean even more to you if others give you the boost.

    Notice the way you create letters when writing. people change their own fonts when emotions run heavy.

    Don’t rush through affirmations. Give yourself time to just live in those positive words and thoughts. Practice it often.

    Thanks for writing this.

    1. That’s a great idea, thank you. How our friends/family feel and act toward us means a lot more than what we think of ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to surround ourselves with people who are a good influence. 🙂 I also love your idea of letting the affirmations “sink in” before moving on to the next one. 🙂

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