Guest Post: Practical Ways To Improve Your Home Workspace For The Pandemic

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If you’re one of many Americans who are still working from home, you’ve probably figured out the importance of having an adequate workspace to help you stay productive. Maybe using your laptop on the sofa or setting up at the kitchen bar worked for a while. After all, it’s temporary, right?  However, since the pandemic continues with no end in sight, it might be time to think about how you can spruce up your workspace to make it more useful and comfortable.

If you are looking for simple improvements that you can make quickly, here are some ideas to get you started.

Assess the Configuration

A good place to begin is with the configuration and layout of your space.

  • Make sure your workspace offers separation from your primary living areas; if necessary, move to a spare bedroom, garage, or other space that has a door.
  • Consider natural light; set up your desk near windows so that you can work with sunlight coming through.
  • If you plan on having clients or other visitors on a regular basis, consider making room for a snack/coffee station, waiting area, and so on.

Upgrade the Furnishings

Having the furnishings in place also makes a big difference in making your space serve your needs.

  • Find a high-quality desk that will fit everything you need while leaving you plenty of room to spread out.
  • Get an ergonomically designed office chair that will keep you comfortable through an entire workday.
  • Look for decorative storage solutions, and make the most of your vertical space.
  • For the darker hours of the day and night, make sure you have overhead lighting and lamps that reduce eye strain and help you stay focused.

Acquire the Right Tools

No matter what kind of work you are doing from home, you need the right tools to do it efficiently.

  • Invest in high-quality office equipment, such as a laptop/desktop computer, printer, fax machine, and so on.
  • Research the various communication and collaboration tools that can help you stay connected as a remote worker.
  • Get any productivity apps that you think will help you stay on track and accomplish your day-to-day goals.
  • Make use of tools and services to help you register your business. Formation services can make this part of setting up your business quick and simple.

Having a workspace that fosters productivity is essential for sustained success when you’re working from home. Reevaluate the configuration of your workspace, add any furnishings necessary, and make sure you have all the right equipment and tools to succeed.

Thank you, Elijah Dawson, for writing this guest post for Crispy Confessions. Please check out Elijah’s website and blog at for tips on everything job related!

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Practical Ways To Improve Your Home Workspace For The Pandemic

    1. Yes, I think that the work from home space is rather underrated or underestimated as many people don’t realize the importance or value of having a good home office.

  1. Excellent advice from Dawson, but I had to laugh when I read about the suggestion for using the garage for office space. Here in Lexington, it is amazing how many garages, even TWO-car, that are filled with other stuff than the cars! 😁 So people keep boxes and stuff worth $1000 in their garage and leave their $40,000 SUV outside for the sun, wind, rain and snow.
    When my wife and I were house shopping many years ago, we told our R.E. agent we wanted an attached garage. She would always check to make sure that and other specs we had were met. So she called one site that was in an ideal locale for us and confirmed all our specs. When we met her at the house, the driveway went up to the picture window in a living space! When she asked the owner why they told her they had a garage, they said, “Well, we DO. It just functions as our living room.” And the owner was perfectly serious, because so few people use garages for their cars!! 😂

    1. Lol that’s funny. And so true! I see so many people either use their garage as STORAGE filled with JUNK or as an extra room like a living room or office space instead of using it for what it was intended for.

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