Four Skills I Learned During Quarantine

Four Skills I Learned During Quarantine

Ever since we were first put under mandatory lockdown orders, it felt as if my little world had come crashing down around me. For the first time, I could not just walk out of my own home. Whenever I did brave the outdoors to go to the store, I was always amazed at the nearly empty streets. It was as if the apocalypse had come. It was as if the entire world had just stopped.

The world had seemingly stopped in March-April. And yet, we couldn’t just sit in front of the TV all day, mindlessly absorbing Netflix or Hulu on repeat. So, many of us went online, the only place where we could escape the reality of living under lockdown. I was one of those people who went online, but not to post mindless posts about how much it sucked to live under quarantine. I went online for a different reason.

I decided to revive my old blog, Crispy Confessions. I haven’t written in so long, and I kind of missed it. I used to write stories and poems all the time in high school and college. And now, with the craziness of life, I just didn’t have the time to write anymore. I wanted to change that.

In the process of reviving my blog, I ended up learning and gaining a few skills. Because of this, I am so thankful to this time for giving me the time to be able to do some of the things that I love doing.

Four Skills I Learned During Quarantine

1–Cooking Well

Before quarantine, I wasn’t really good at cooking. I ate a lot of processed foods and ramen noodles. But now, I have been watching cooking videos and searching for new recipes on Pinterest. I’m finding that I enjoy cooking. I enjoy that feeling of starting with the basics like meat or noodles and then combining them with vegetables and seasoning to create something delicious. The last thing I made was chili completely from scratch, and surprisingly, it was actually good.

My Chili!

2–Baking a Cake

I’ve made cake before but the Betty Crocker version. I’ve always wanted to bake a cake from scratch. So, one day, after I bought all the ingredients, I made a cake. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard. It just required a few basic ingredients, like flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and milk. The ingredients were then mixed together, poured into a cake pan, and then baked.

Here’s the recipe for the cake that I made that day. It was pretty good, especially with chocolate icing on top, because chocolate always makes everything better.

3–Using Instagram Effectively

I was using social media before lockdown. But I wasn’t using it effectively. I was just using Instagram to post pictures of the kids.

So, I decided to rethink my Instagram strategy. I know that Instagram can be a pretty powerful social media marketing tool. So, a few weeks ago, I changed my brand and the content. Using Canva (which has been a godsend), I have been using my graphic design skills that I learned in college to create Pinterest-worthy Instagram pictures to post. I’ve also rethinked my strategy for Instagram stories as well. Ever since then, I’ve increased my engagement on Instagram by twofold. I am still learning, however, and I’m excited about the things I will continue to learn from using this tool.

4–Using Pinterest Effectively

Before lockdown, I didn’t use Pinterest at all. I had an account that I had created years ago, but at the time I dismissed it as a glorified bookmarks tab. It sounded cool and all but I didn’t think I had the time to use it.

But then lockdown happened and suddenly I had more time that I knew what to do with. I decided to add Pinterest to my social media marketing strategy. After all, visual search is trending now; more and more people are using visuals to search and to obtain information. But besides that, I’ve learned that I can use Pinterest to find keywords for my blog posts. I can use Pinterest to see what is trending, visually, and possibly get inspiration from them.

I feel immensely proud at having gained these skills. Of course, I’m no expert. I’m still learning. And I like it. Life happens when learning happens after all.

What skills have you gained during the pandemic?

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8 thoughts on “Four Skills I Learned During Quarantine

  1. I’m definitely still in the “have no idea how to use or what to do with Pinterest” camp, honestly 😅 But I’m really glad that this strange year has enabled so many people to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily have had the time or opportunity to do!

    1. yes absolutely, many people have gotten a surge in their creativity. / Just think of Pinterest like a search engine, but a visual one, so like google images lol You can search for something in the search box on Pinterest. You can then pin it or save it to your page. 🙂

    1. I unfortunately didn’t have any pictures of the baking. 🙁 Next time I bake I will be sure to take pictures & post on IG or make a different blog post about it lol
      And I do plan on writing a blog post about instagram & things that I’ve learned 🙂

  2. I learned a mask is a good thing. Who needs to cover their mouth when sneezing if there’s a mask?

    Seriously, though, the quarantine has really changed things. I hope the change will bring out something positive. We’re not out of the woods yet, so keep practicing your recipes. In two years it’ll be a different world.

    1. Oh yes, that is definitely one hidden perk to wearing a mask 🙂
      I’m hoping that big, wonderful change will happen for all of us after the pandemic is over.

  3. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

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