Embracing the Selfie?

Taking a selfie on a warm day in March
Taking a selfie on a warm day in March

Like most Generation Y’ers, I enjoy taking selfies. Selfies are self portraits that are taken with a smartphone or digital camera. Selfies can be taken anywhere and with anyone. It is the ultimate means of self-expression. The stakes are made even higher by the fact that selfies can be posted on the Internet and viewed by anyone. The rest of the world can react to the selfie. Some selfies might go viral and some get lost.

I took a selfie today and I am sending it out into the crazy vortex called the Internet. Who knows, maybe it’s going to make one of the top ten selfies by Time Magazine (Check out the top ten selfies from 2014 here). Or maybe it’s just going to get lost in oblivion. But whatever happens, I do know that I can rest assured. A tiny imprint of me is out there on the Internet.

We are, without a doubt, social creatures. We thrive by attention. We seek attention. We post selfies, we blog, we tweet, we rant. We do this because we want someone else to take notice. We want our lives to mean something. A selfie is living proof that our lives are interesting. We can take as many selfies as we want and then post the best one. We have control. But ultimately, in the end, we don’t have as much control as we originally thought.

Just about anyone with even a small amount of graphic arts knowledge can take an image off the internet and edit it. The selfie can go through several rounds during which it morphs, changes, transforms. We have no control over what happens once the selfie is posted.

So, should we keep posting selfies? Should we advocate for stricter copyright laws? Or should we just embrace the selfie?

Please help me grow!

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