GUEST POST: 3 Reasons Why Air-Fryer Cooking is Obsessively Good

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3 reasons why air-fryer cooking is obsessively good

Buying an air-fryer was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. I did take my sweet time contemplating about buying one, before I actually did. Mostly because I thought why bother when I already have the oven to get the job done. But several months later, I now use the air-fryer several times a week and it’s my new ‘bestie’ in the kitchen. I almost can’t imagine how I got by without one. Here’s the top 3 reasons why you’ll get obsessed with air-fryer cooking too.

An air-fryer

Air-fryer cooking really is the healthy way to go because you use very little to no oil – it literally cooks with air! I don’t use more than a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or canola spray – compare that to deep frying! Does no oil mean the french fries (or chips as us Aussies call it) won’t be golden?! Don’t fret, air-fryer cooking only cuts out the fat. You’ll still have your fries/ chips glistening golden brown. Same goes for sausage rolls (even without the egg-wash) or chicken nuggets. What’s more, air-fried food has the same great taste and texture, as their deep fried or baked cousins.

French Fries/Chips, Onion Rings, and Fried Chicken


Who has the time to spend ages cooking? As a mom who works full time, I sure don’t. Which is why I’m constantly looking for ways to spend less time in the kitchen. Air-fryer cooking is great because it is quick – much quicker than a conventional oven. This means you can ditch the conventional oven for most everyday meals. I only end up using it now for baking cakes and large dishes like lasagne or pizza. The air-fryer saves you time because you don’t need to pre-heat, and with the heat is concentrated within a smaller space, food cooks faster. That’s why it’s a great way to re-heat leftovers or pre-cooked food too. It only takes a few seconds in the air-fryer and you won’t get any of the soggy mess that the microwave sometimes serves, e.g. with pizza or sausage rolls.

The other thing that takes the fun out of cooking is the cleaning (unless you like it, then good on you!). Air-fryer cooking is a winner there too because only the pan inside it is involved. While cooking, you can simply simply shake the air-fryer pan to mix food (or use tongs). Saving you any spills or splats on the cooker or oven, or extra pots and pans to clean up.


The other biggest hesitance I had for buying an air-fryer was the cost-factor. You’ll find that the premium brands and models of air-fryers can cost up to A$700 (US$500) or more. That said, you don’t need the most expensive of them all to get the job done. Shop smart and you’ll be sure to find one that fits your budget – maybe at your local Kmart (if you’ve got one) or a used one on Facebook Marketplace. Either way, the air-fryer is likely to cost you a lot less than a conventional electric oven – both budget and space wise. The other good thing with air-fryer cooking is that because food cooks a lot faster, it’s likely to be more energy efficient and save you some money on bills in the long run.

Air-fryer cooking: 3 Reasons Why It’s Obsessively Good

Air-frying is no longer a thing of the future. It gives you delicious food that is healthier with less fat. You’ll save lots of time in the kitchen with faster cooking and easier clean-up. It’ll also be lighter on your wallet if you shop around and use it well. What more can you ask for? That’s why air-fryer cooking is obsessively good!

Are you obsessed with air-fryer cooking? Or not convinced it’s worth a try?

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