Book Review: Love Without Borders

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I recently read a book called Love Without Borders, by Angela Braniff. She is also the creator of the YouTube channel This Gathered Nest, where she vlogs about her big family, motherhood, and homeschooling. So, of course, when she announced that her first book — which is a memoir about her life — was out, I had to give it a shot.

I must make a confession. I actually didn’t “read” this book. I listened to it. I signed up for a free trial of Audible and was allowed two free audio books. One of those two e-books was, of course, Love Without Borders. I admit, I was a bit nervous about reading an audio book. I’ve never listened to an audio book before. I’ve always dismissed them, mainly because I’ve been fond of being read to or listening to people read me stories from the time I was young. I always preferred reading the books to myself.

But anyway, it was a bit of an awkward, novel, and even a foreign concept to have a book read to me. And not just read to, but read to me by the author. But it’s also pretty cool. When I started listening, I realized that I couldn’t stop listening to the book. It was just that good.

Braniff’s soothing tone of voice helps make it very easy to listen to. Her voice itself is a page turner, if you will. Perhaps I enjoyed listening to the audio book after watching her vlogs for so long. Perhaps I’m just used to seeing and hearing her on the vlogs that listening to the audio book feels more natural than if I were to read the book the traditional way.

But anyway, I probably finished the book in about a day, which is pretty good considering that I have to balance my kids needs too. It was also easier to “read” this book than a traditional one because I could listen to it anywhere, in the car, while doing the dishes or the laundry. That is definitely the beauty of an audio book that you can’t get from a print or an e-book.

The book is a memoir of Braniff’s life. She discusses her childhood, her marriage, and her kids. She doesn’t spend a lot of words discussing her childhood, which is rather fitting since the book isn’t really about her childhood. It’s about her kids, her love, and her willingness to do something unexpected and different.

Without giving away too much of the plot, this book was very well written (or well read). She tackles each subplot, or point in her life, with grace, careful consideration, and love. You can tell that she is passionate about her life, her family, and her spirituality. What’s more, throughout the reading of this book, I was constantly reminded of her bravery.

This is such a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to any woman in your life. Any woman who is not afraid to face the seemingly impossible and any woman who dares to try should read this book. This book is not just about motherhood and love, but a book of what happens when your faith in something turns into the best reality of your life.

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