Book Review: Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

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I first read this book five years ago. I can’t remember where I bought it. It was probably at Walmart or Target. I remember seeing the cover and then reading the summary on the back — I was immediately hooked.

Since then, I’ve read this book many, many times. It is one of those books that you can’t help but gravitate towards, like a persistent friend who just won’t go away. I reread it because the characters feel like family. I reread it because it makes me think and wonder. I reread it because the writing is very well done. And finally, I reread it because I really like this book.

What It’s About

This book is about what happens when a mother is forced to question everything that she knows about her life, her family, and her son. The mother, Ellen, comes home one day and finds a picture of a missing boy in the mail who resembles her adopted son. The resemblance is almost uncanny. It continues to crop up for days until she can’t ignore it. She finds herself thinking about the picture of the missing boy at home and at work. She finally decides to find out the truth.

She decides to find out the truth, even after knowing that she could lose her son. If her son is missing because he was kidnapped, then the adoption is no longer valid. But she still decides to go see her son’s birth parents to get the proof that she needs.

During the search for Ellen’s adopted son’s biological family, Ellen unearths some details that point to the possibility that something sinister is going on. After the deaths of some very intricate people involved in her son’s adoption, she soon realizes that both she and her son are in danger. She grabs her son and tries to escape, afraid that the killer will be after them too. But she is too late. She comes into contact with the killer — as well as someone she never expected.

Why You Should Read

This is a quick page turner. From the first page, I am immediately drawn in. I feel for the protagonist, Ellen, as she grapples with a series of emotions: shock, sadness, curiosity, and determination. All of these emotions are fueled by her love for her adopted son, who she puts above everything, even her own job.

Everything that Ellen feels is precisely why you should read this book. It’s a tragedy, but primarily it is a story of a mother’s love. It’s a story of a mother who would do anything for her child. It’s a story of a mother who moves heaven and earth to find answers for her kid. The incredible strength and determination that Ellen possesses despite her circumstances is admirable.

It’s also a story of what happens when selfish people act in their own interests. What if those selfish people have children? How do the children fare? What happens to them ultimately?

This book raises so many questions about adoption and a mother’s love. It provides ample discussion for the reader even after the last page has been read. It makes you ruminate about bad things that happen to good people. And finally, without giving away the ending, it gives you hope that perhaps happiness can still be found even in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

What book have you read recently? I am always looking for new book ideas!

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  1. Wonderful book review. I truly enjoyed the way you presented this book review. I think I am going to go grab a copy! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the book, the description you gave, and why we should read it . I look forward to telling you my experience with this book when I get a chance to read it. Have a lovely day! Keep riding! & Keep creating!

    1. Hi Clennell,, I’m so glad that you enjoyed my book review. Feel free to use the link in my post to get a copy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. Cheers, Helen

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