Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by BeautyofCafe205. This is a blog about beauty, skincare, and makeup. But even more importantly, this blog is written from the perspective of someone who is positive, supportive, and creative. Be sure to check BeautyofCafe205 out.

The Blogger Recognition Award

The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you & provide a link to their site
  2. Do a blog post about this award
  3. Give a brief summary about how you started your blog
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them & provide them with your link to your post

How I Started My Blog

My blog, Crispy Confessions, was born in January 2015 after a social media class that I took in college. I had another blog that I started just for that class. That blog is not public anymore. Regardless, I was inspired to start another blog about my life. I knew at the time that I was on the cusp of change and I wanted to document that. I also wanted an outlet for my writing and creativity. I wanted to be able to express myself to the world.

Of course, at the time, I did not foresee taking a five year break, which I did. I resumed blogging again almost six months ago. I have been enjoying the entire process of not just the writing but the marketing and making connections that go along with it. I hope to keep blogging for a long, long time.

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My Advice for New Bloggers

  1. Never underestimate the power of social media. You need social media to promote your blog. You need social media to connect with your readers. The most effective blogs are able to use all the social media platforms in a way that tells a story about your brand.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. When you blog, be bold. Be unique. Do different things. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there.


Before the year ends, what would you like to accomplish?

Well, the year is almost over. In a month’s time, I’d like to keep growing my social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook. I’d love to get a sponsorship deal with a brand on Instagram. I’d love to get more clicks and conversions on Pinterest.

Besides social media, I hope to start writing a book before this year is over. I also hope to find another job opportunity in the social media or digital marketing field. If you know of any, then feel free to contact me.

Would you change from your current niche? If so, why?

I don’t think I would. Currently, I have a lifestyle blog, which I love because it is pretty versatile. It means that I can essentially write about anything that is going on in my life, from books to family to work.

One thing you would do better next time.

I want to get better at budgeting and investing.

What have you learned from your blogging friends?

Support and kindness is everything in the blogging world.

What is your favorite tool to use for blogging?

If you haven’t used Canva, then you are missing out. You need to use Canva to give your blog posts that extra oomph.

Your favorite skincare product?

I feel ashamed for admitting this, but I don’t use one unless if you count soap and water.

My Nominees

I nominate you.

Please help me grow!

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 32 year old biracial millennial mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

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