A Letter to My Quarantine Baby on National Sons Day

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Dear Son,

From the moment that I knew of your existence, I knew that you were a person who was strong, passionate, and deliberate. You have great physical strength, as indicated by your movements in utero and out. One grip by those hands is enough to bring even the strongest man to their knees.

You are so passionate with your emotions. You aren’t just happy — you get excited. You aren’t just sad — you get teary eyed. You aren’t just angry — you swing your fists up and down while squeaking and babbling uncontrollably.

Despite the intensity of your emotions, you are also deliberate. I see this everyday as you crawl towards me carefully with a huge smile on your face. You sit first, before you decide whether its worth using your energy to go somewhere else. Your movements are so calculating and meticulous. From the time you were a newborn, I could see the thoughts imprinted in your eyes, always pensive and contemplative and wondering.

This quality of yours to always look before you leap is particularly important considering the year that you were born. You, my dear son, were born in the year 2020. 2020 is the year of the big, bad, evil Coronavirus. It is the year of wearing masks, social distancing, staying home, and keeping safe.

You are only eight months old and yet you’ve barely been anywhere since you were born. These long months, you’ve always been at home, which is like a small cocoon, protecting you from the outside world. If you had been born in any other year, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal. But you were born in 2020, the quarantine year, the covid-19 year, so for you being home has been your safe place.

When you do go out, carefully and safely wrapped up inside the baby carrier against me, you get to glimpse the big outer world. It must seem strange to you to see people wearing masks. It must seem strange to hear all of these muffled voices, so similar to when you were in the womb. It must seem strange to always be on the inside looking out.

And yet, this is all that you know. This is the world that you were brought into. I am thankful. Thankful that you are alive. But also thankful because spending the first year of your life during a pandemic only serves to teach you probably the most valuable lesson of all.

Anyone who faces the issues we are facing now will come out of it a more invincible and vigorous person. Covid-19 serves to teach us that bad things happen all the time and it is not our fault. What matters is how you face it head on. What matters is how you react to it.

Learning how to deal with a negative issue with grace and resiliency is so important. Bad things happen to make us stronger. People who experience the death of a family member, a bad grade on a test, or a break-up of a long term relationship ultimately emerge stronger as a result.

You are only eight months old, and yet you’ve experienced more things than most people have experienced during their entire life time. You’ve experienced your inner world breaking into pieces around you as you and your mama struggle to bring you earth side. You’ve stayed in the intensive care unit at the hospital for days. You’ve struggled and yet you survived. And you will survive this pandemic.

Your survival is the testament to your own strength — both physical and emotional. It’s important that we stay strong during times like these. It’s important that we bond together even closer, because everyday is not guaranteed to any of us. It’s important that we do our best, because it is what is right and what is expected of us.

You, my dear son, will go far. You are only eight months old, and yet you’ve faced so much in your short life. You will look back on this five, ten, fifteen years from now. I know that the world is in a truly strange place right now. Life is changing.

But life is always changing, whether it is the Coronavirus or something else. There will always be something there waiting to test us. No matter what it is, just know that you can survive it. As long as you got me, you’ve got the entire world on your shoulders. Just keep looking up. Things will only get better from here on out.

Stay safe, my little man,


Your mommy

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  1. “Do the next right thing.” If your son learns this early on, as from you he apparently WILL, he will have unbelievable opportunities and adventures ahead of him. “Even so, Lord Jesus, come.” 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful and moving. Yes, we will all get through from COVID 19! Make the most of your time with you beautiful little one.

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