9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The hardest person to give a gift to is probably your mother. How do you repay someone for giving you life? How do you give a gift to someone who sacrificed their body to bring you into the world? There is probably no equivalent gift that can possibly repay that. So, what is the best gift to give your mother? I think that depends on the mother in question. Some mothers are satisfied with a quiet day at home lounging on the sofa watching a movie or taking a nice long nap. Some mothers want to go shopping, or go out to have dinner. And another group of mothers want to go on an extravagant adventure to a faraway place. Whatever camp she belongs to, they all have one thing in common: they want to be surrounded by the people that they love.

I am both a daughter and a mother. As a daughter, I often conspired with my father to give my mother the most perfect gift of all, whether it be a frame with a special picture or jewelry. I also made breakfast in bed, which I think I might have enjoyed more than my mom. As a mother of two young children who aren’t old enough to know about Mother’s Day, I am just happy with a hug and a kiss. I look forward to the day when they are old enough to make me breakfast in bed though.

9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

This is probably an underrated gift, but one that is extra special. In many households in America, moms are usually the one to cook for the family. So, on Mother’s Day, turn that around by cooking for her. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even a bowl of cereal and a piece of accidentally burned toast would suffice as long as the intention is pure.

Breakfast of eggs and bread with coffee on a tray on a bed.
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Homemade Card

Never underestimate the power of a card, particularly one that is homemade. Grab a piece of construction paper, fold it in half, and then draw a cute picture on the front. A homemade card is worth a thousand presents, and is one that your mother will treasure for a lifetime.

A pink envelope with the words 'with love' in a wooden basket filled with paper confetti.
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A Day Trip to the Massage Spa

Most women love getting pampered. But how often do they get to go to the massage spa? So, on Mother’s Day, take your mom to the massage spa. Let her release her body to the capable hands of the massage therapist as all tension and stress rolls off of her.

A massage therapist giving a massage to a woman lying on her front.
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Flowers and Chocolate

Show your appreciation for your mom by getting her a bouquet of flowers. Satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth by getting her a few bars of chocolate.

A slab of chocolate, a cup of coffee, and a bouquet of pink and purple flowers next to the word 'dream.'
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A Hug and a Kiss

This gift doesn’t cost anything to give but it is no less important. Give your mom all the hugs and kisses.

A woman kissing her baby daughter on her cheek.
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New Sheets and Comforter

How often do you wash your sheets and comforter? And when you do, how do you feel? Do you feel spoiled and pampered? If so, then consider either washing the sheets for your mom, or buying her a new set. When she lays down to take a nap, then she will feel like a queen.

An interior view of a bedroom with a king size bed with blue and white colored comforter and sheets.
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Dinner Out or Dinner In

Eat dinner with your mom. You can dine in by ordering take out or cooking for your mom. Or, depending on Covid-19 restrictions in your area, you can even have dinner out with your mom. Take your mom to her favorite restaurant to enjoy all of her favorite things.

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Free Time

And finally, give your mom the gift of free time. Let her enjoy solace and relaxation in her home. Let her do whatever she wants to do on Mother’s Day.

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What gift will you give your mother for Mother’s Day? Or, if you are a mom, what gift would you like to receive on Mother’s Day?

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 32 year old biracial millennial mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

5 thoughts on “9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Hi, Helen.
    I am touched by your love for your mother and how you and your dad would “conspire” to give her a meaningful gift. My own dear mother passed away in 1999 at 80 years old, and THAT is a story I should share in a blog sometime. She (and my Dad) left a legacy of faith in Jesus and willingness to do what ever is right regardless of the consequences. They lived life with Him watching over everything they did, and taught us four little “Posts” (πŸ˜‰) to do the same, to be aware of His Presence and that we would someday give account of ourselves to Him.
    And they taught that He is forgiving and merciful because of His love, and that He always welcomes an open heart.
    1999-2021, and I still miss her greatly, but with anticipation that she is around Father’s throne with Dad, saving spaces for her children (grandkids and greats, also 😊). My prayer for you is that you will leave such a legacy for yours. ❀️&πŸ™

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