8 Best Reasons Why You Should Smile Today

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Yesterday was #WorldSmileDay. It is…you guessed it… a day devoted to smiling!

#WorldSmileDay originated with Harvey Bell. Bell originally designed the infamous smiley face, which is known everywhere as a symbol of happiness. It is probably the most popular emoji used in text messaging and other messaging apps.

#WorldSmileDay was created to recognize the power of the smile. Its mission is to encourage people to do at least one kind thing every first Saturday of October. Click here to learn more about #WorldSmileDay.

This year, that first Saturday of October fell on October 2nd. Sadly, I almost missed it. I was reminded of the day, and the day’s significance, last night on a local mom’s group on Instagram.

Even though I missed it, I still had plenty of things to smile about yesterday. Today, to celebrate #WorldSmileDay belatedly, I will give you 8 reasons why you should smile today, tomorrow, and everyday.

1–You Are Healthy & Alive

My mom always said that the most important thing is to be healthy. If you aren’t healthy and well, then there are so many things that you can’t do. Only with good health can you accomplish all of the things that you’ve dreamed about since childhood.

2–You Are Loved

Even though sometimes you may feel very much alone, just know that you aren’t. Somewhere in the world, there is someone who loves you. Whether that is one someone or many someone’s, love does exist. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, but platonic love can be just as fulfilling and satisfying. To know that you are loved and appreciated is the greatest feeling in the world.

3–You Are Strong

You should smile because you are strong. You are strong emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You are so strong to bear the weight of so many emotions. You are so strong that you can carry many loads. And finally, you believe in something, whether that is yourself, a higher being, or nature. Whatever it is, it is enough to get you through to the next day and survive.

4–You Have Food & Water

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You have something to eat and drink in your house. You should smile because you can get up off the couch, go to the brightly lit kitchen, and grab yourself some water, some tea, or some coffee. Or, you can go into the kitchen and make yourself a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a warm bowl of chili. Whatever it is, you have something warm that can fill your tummy and something cool to replenish the liquids in your body.

5–You Have a Family

Whether it is small or large, you have a family, or a group of people who loves you for you. That family doesn’t have to be blood related. It can be a group of very close friends. What matters is that they love you, they accept you, and they want to see you do well.

6–You Are Capable of Anything

You are capable of anything. You can do anything, except maybe seeing through walls or turning invisible. Just try, try, and then try again, and eventually you will get it. You should smile because you can succeed at whatever you dream of.

7–You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful. So, you should smile because you are.

8–You Are Wonderful

You are a wonderful combination of genes from your mother and your father. You were raised by wonderful people. You always strive to do what is in your heart. You should smile because you are who you always wanted to be. In other words, you are your wonderful self. There is nothing more wonderful than that.

What made you smile today? Let me know in the comments below!

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