7 Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up Blogging

Have you ever wanted to give up blogging? Have you ever sat at your desk, slammed your laptop shut, and then thumped your forehead in frustration? Have you ever asked yourself what is the point when no one’s going to read this anyway?

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Well, I have. Over the course of the past year, I have thought this many, many times. Each and every time I saw evidence of the slow growth of my blog in the blog stats, I grinded my teeth in frustration. Each and every time I had writer’s block and felt pressured to produce another blog post, I just sat aimlessly, staring at a blank wall. And each and every time I felt as if I had exhausted writing about everything I wondered if it was the end for my blog.

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Needless to say, blogging can be a challenge. Blogging is hard. The constant almost daily grind of thinking of topics for the public to consume, the gallons of coffee acting as a fuel for the writer, and the search for the perfect word while writing the blog post can all be debilitating and stressful over the long haul.

But despite the many challenges that blogging can pose, there are at least seven very good reasons why you must not give up blogging no matter how frustrating of an endeavor it is. No matter how many times you suffer through a splitting headache from the pressure of it all as you stare into a bottomless cliff of misery, there is indeed light to be found. Despite the struggles of diurnally blogging, as long as you hold on to these seven things, you can reclaim hope from the grunge of despair and find yourself taken to new heights elevated by the sheer power of your words.

And now, the seven reasons why you must not give up blogging:

Everyone has a story to tell

I often hear of people complaining about their life. I hear people saying rather bitterly that their life is utterly and incomprehensively boring. They say that their life is boring because they do the same thing again and again in a dizzyingly monotonous cycle that never seems to end.

Despite how boring your life may seem, you have a story to tell. Everyone has a story to tell. You were born with a unique set of genetic material. Coupled with your own unique life experiences and you have an interesting story that you can write about. No matter your ethnic, cultural, or religious background, no matter how much or how little discrimination you have faced, and no matter that you have done the same thing day in and day out since the time that you took your first steps, you still have a story to tell.

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There is at least one person who is listening

With the billions of people who grace this Earth, there is at least one person who is listening. There is at least one person who is interested not only in what you have to say, but they will find your words relatable. One of the biggest fears of blogging is the thought that no one will read — or want to read — what you wrote. With millions more blogs on the web, that passing thought can seem paralyzing and devitalizing. After all, who would want to spend their time writing something that most people might not be interested in, let alone reading?

While this fear is very valid, there are also billions more people on this planet. Each of these people all have different combinations of DNA coupled with vastly different life experiences and perspectives. The odds are very much in your favor that there is at least one person who is interested in your voice. There is one person who wants to learn from you. There is one person who wants to read what you have to say.

It is a way to practice your craft

Without a doubt, blogging is an excellent way to practice your craft. If you don’t practice it enough, then eventually your skills will grow stale, dry, and even possibly decay. Just like learning a new language, if you don’t use it, then you lose it.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to keep practicing your writing. It lets you experiment with different writing styles, from poetry to prose to non-fiction. And the best part is, you can get feedback from your audience. It will let you know what you should keep working on, what you should improve, and what you should slip into the gutter. Without blogging, you can for sure still write and express yourself. You can for sure be your very best editor. But when you blog, you are not able just merely practice your writing and be your own editor. There are other people out there reading and possibly even benefiting from your words.

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There is a community who supports you

I firmly believe that your greatest support system, as a blogger, aside from your family and close friends, are other bloggers. Anyone who is a blogger knows that the blogging community is pretty supportive, always ready to lend a helping hand. Anyone who is a blogger probably gets a fair amount of views from other bloggers. Most people who actively read blogs are bloggers.

But if you were to give up blogging, then the community would definitely notice your absence. As a blogger, I’ve noticed when a few of my favorite bloggers suddenly stopped updating. It makes me wonder how they are doing. It makes me wonder why they stopped updating.

If you were to give up blogging, then remember that the blogging community will suffer irrevocably from your loss. Of course, they will undoubtedly find a way to continue on without you. But a community is only as strong as its members. If even one person is gone, then it is a loss that can never be truly replaced. Just remember that you shouldn’t give up blogging because there is a community who is depending on you, as you depend on them.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter And The goblet of fire

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It can overcome the darkness

Many people choose to write as a way to overcome any mental or physical disorder. Many people write to express themselves about their current predicament. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit last year, many people took to their computers and started writing about this unprecedented event. During a time when unemployment was sky high and people were gazing morosely at their nearly empty bank accounts, they found other things to do, such as reading, playing sports, creating TikTok videos, and of course writing.

By writing, it can overcome the darkness. People let their words flow onto the page, and in doing so, they are not just releasing the words but the pent up emotions that exist within. Writing is one of the best ways that people can begin to recover from any type of trauma. Writing lets them to face it head-on. That is why many therapists encourage writing as a way to recover. Writing gives you a means to hold on during a time when the world may seem incredibly fragile and it is what will lead you through the darkness until you get to the other side where there is light and hope.

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New perspectives can be gained

When you write about something, anything, in your blog, you will undoubtedly get feedback. Sometimes the feedback can be positive; sometimes it can be negative. People will either affirm or dispute with what you have to say. Whether they agree or disagree, they will undoubtedly contribute their own perspectives on the subject matter. Because of this, there are always new perspectives that can be gained from blogging.

One of my favorite things about blogging is reading what people have to say about my posts. One of my favorite kinds of posts is when people share their own experiences. That can either be affirming or disputing. Whatever it is, I can learn from what they shared. This is the place where people can engage in two-way communication. The blog post is merely the vehicle upon which the idea is presented. The comment section is what propels that vehicle forward. As that vehicle moves forward, or backward, it benefits from the contributions of its driver and passengers. Without the passengers, the vehicle is nothing more but an idea and its lone driver. With the passengers, the vehicle has the opportunity to be something more than what it was first created to do.

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It is proof that you existed

As someone who is an agnostic, I am of the mind that we all cease to exist after death. Of course, no one really knows what happens when people die. No one knows if we are transported to some afterlife, are reincarnated, or are simply decomposed for the maggots to consume. Whatever happens, we know for sure that we will no longer be in the body that we are in now. Therefore, by having a blog, you have a ready-made proof that you existed.

A blog is one of the best kind of legacies that you can leave. Imagine a hundred, or even a thousand years from now, the people of tomorrow just happening to stumble upon and read your blog. When they read your blog, in that moment, you and your words will come alive. In that moment, you will have achieved immortality. Just like Anne Frank who managed to live forever through her diary, so can you by writing in your blog. Write with the knowledge that, if not now, one day someone, somewhere, somehow will benefit from your words. One day, someone will learn from it, and hopefully the world will be a better place. Your words could have the power to make someone, and even the world, better.

I don’t want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death!

Anne Frank

Have you ever wanted to give up blogging?

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35 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up Blogging

  1. 🧐…πŸ₯Έ…🀑…Good advice……Every day I mull over the futility of blogging but move on anyway…just less is needed each day.

  2. beautiful πŸ™‚ blogging helped me a lot and I would never end it..
    initially I had done with some business mind ,but now I think that everything need not to be for money.Something is more valuable rather than money… that is all I got a Life back with this…

    1. Thank you!
      Absolutely, I I feel as if many people do blog with the intention of eventually making money from it. But the reality is — very few actually end up making a livable income from blogging. Much better to just blog from the heart. If money can be earned from blogging then all the better. If not then that is okay too.

      1. .. Yes, but something like knowledge and perspective are much above money…. These are worthless….and for life πŸ™‚
        Nice keep blogging😊

  3. Great post Helen! You are so right om these points. Everyone has a story to tell and the blogging community is very supportive. Those are 2 of the reasons I continue to blog πŸ˜€

  4. Hi, Helen.
    I gave up blogging for one year, just as a hiatus to clear my brain. I only blog about once a week, now adding in a Wordless Wednesday (that takes almost as much time to find a good photo), and occasionally an Intermezzo Blog (what I call the ones between Saturdays).
    We all need a break every now and then and I may be getting ready for another, but probably not as long as before.
    love your blogs.

  5. Haha πŸ˜„ the last one, wow never thought like that, that’s a great point πŸ‘πŸ‘
    And also the WordPress community is very supportive oneπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  6. Great points here! The most important being that someone is always wanting to hear what you say, no matter how much you may despise your voice. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  7. Good advice! Everything you described in your first paragraph has been me… (lately).. Have I reached the end? This phrase is constantly in my head.. I feel like I’m in a bad rut of writers block.. I don’t seem to have the same drive… But you’re right! There’s always someone who needs your voice to let them know it’s all relatable and everyone does have a story – you just have to consider yourself worthy to tell it!

  8. Good advice and very timely. I have been blogging for eight months. It is a humor blog, and I post once a week on Monday mornings. Some weeks I have a lot readers and great interest, and others, I don’t. But a friend with a serious disease told me last week that reading my blog over the winter, while she was home all the time due to Covid, helped her through those dark days. So on I go.

    1. That is amazing! Knowing that your words helped someone through difficult times is definitely the best thing about writing

  9. I’ve been blogging since 1999, I’ve never really thought about stopping. It is why I know myself as well as I do and why I can admit what my demons are (still trying to figure out how to beat them)!

    1. Congratulations on two decades of blogging! <3 And yes blogging is an outlet through which we can fight through the pain and conquer obstacles that stand in our way!

  10. The thought of giving up has definitely crossed my mind. I felt like I was wasting my time because no one was visiting my site or my content was boring but I kept pushing. I’ve been blogging since last year august and I’ve been loving it. It can be a struggle sometimes but I don’t think I’ll stop blogging for now. Also, the blogging community is amazing, makes me love blogging even more! Great post!


  11. These are great reasons and great advice! I have some struggles with blogging this past 1.5 year, do people like my posts/do they mind I post so much? Plus, seeing people on Twitter talk about their views/their followers also doesn’t make it easier, especially when they just been blogging for a few months. Hope this doesn’t make me seem petty, but it does make me wonder what I am doing wrong.
    So these posts definitely help, and thankfully I also got friends and family who I can talk to and who also tell me to just keep on going, that they love my content. Love see posts go live.

    1. Hey! Thank you for reading & commenting! Yeah I have the same fears as well, whether or not people really do like my posts or tweets … :/ But I think the important thing is that we continue being authentic. As long as we continue to be true to ourselves, people will gravitate toward us πŸ™‚

  12. Wow, what a great post. I think every blogger had thought of leaving once in their writing journey. But thank you for inspiring and motivating the budding bloggers.

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