50 Would You Rather Questions for Adults

50 Would You Rather Questions for Adults
50 ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Adults Getting to Know Each Other

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I just love a good Would You Rather question. I just love to answer questions and give my input on a variety of topics. I also love to choose between this and that. So, in this post, I am going to write down 50 Would You Rather questions for adults that you can use next time you are in a social setting, either in the “real” world or on social media. These questions are the perfect way of getting to know someone. These questions are also a great way to find out whether that someone is a bot or not.

50 Would You Rather… Questions

  1. .give up social media or books/movies for a year?
  2. you rather star in a musical or a silent play?
  3. you rather plant trees or flowers?
  4. be a vampire or a wizard?
  5. you rather meet Abraham Lincoln or the current leader of your country?
  6. be a mermaid or a centaur?
  7. go sky diving or scuba diving?
  8. live in the rainforest or in the desert?
  9. believe everything you hear or be a skeptic?
  10. have all of the knowledge of the world or be ignorant?
  11. use a time machine to see your great-great grandchildren or your great-great grandparents?
  12. use a pencil or a pen for the rest of your life?
  13. be a medical doctor or a politician?
  14. give up coffee or chocolate?
  15. watch Netflix or Hulu for the rest of your life?
  16. visit Mars or the moon?
  17. drink only water for the rest of your life, or give up all sweets?
  18. have ten kids or ten pets?
  19. have one close friend or many acquaintances?
  20. move to a different city every week, or stay in the same city that you were born?
  21. give up the Internet for a year or be homeless for a week?
  22. write a bestselling novel or many novels with a low readership?
  23. be a blogger or a vlogger?
  24. be a great cook or married to the world’s greatest cook?
  25. make a positive impact on one person’s life, or help to influence multiple groups of people?
  26. be a leader or a follower?
  27. be a mammal or a reptile?
  28. ask questions or answer them?
  29. sing everything you say or dance everyday?
  30. travel by plane or ship?
  31. have the power of flight or invisibility?
  32. have be an eagle or a whale?
  33. have the ability to see into the future, or the ability to change the past?
  34. go to Disney World or Disney Land?
  35. have tremendous physical strength or emotional strength?
  36. have the power to turn on all the lights or turn off the lights?
  37. have a lot of money or time?
  38. have a big family or a small one?
  39. be a millionaire or a celebrity?
  40. be loved by many or by just one person?
  41. give up ice cream or chocolate?
  42. have three girls or three boys?
  43. be a minimalist or a maximalist?
  44. be a herbivore or a carnivore?
  45. have long hair or short hair for the rest of your life?
  46. live in a cabin in the woods or an RV on the road?
  47. be a famous athlete or a hobbyist?
  48. speak multiple languages or talk to animals?
  49. give up your car or your left foot?
  50. lose your keys or your smartphone?

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