5 YouTube Channels That You Must Follow Today

My favorite YouTube channels are ones that are a fantastic mix of good video editing and authentic and hilarious content. All of the YouTube channels that made this list are all vloggers. One is participating in vlogmas; the rest aren’t. All of the ones that made this list are ones that I watch regularly. They provide a much needed respite from the grind of daily life. Some make me laugh, and some teach me stuff. They are all YouTube channels that are worth checking out.

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5 YouTube Channels That You Must Follow Today

5 YouTube Channels That You Must Follow Today

  • This Gathered Nest
  • Slice ‘n Rice
  • Squirmy and Grubs
  • Live Each Day
  • Skycedi

This Gathered Nest

I first started watching This Gathered Nest two years ago. The first video that I ever watched from them was a video about a girl that they had adopted from China. From that first video, I was hooked. This channel is about a family of 10 (2 parents, 8 kids). They’ve adopted, they homeschool, they’ve done some RV traveling, and recently they’ve purchased a mini farm and are vlogging about that life.

The reason why I like this channel is because of the big family life. Ever since I was little, I wanted to have come from a big immediate family with lots and lots of siblings. Being an only child, it is only natural that I wonder what life would have been like to be one of 8 kids. It wasn’t bad being an only child, especially the attention part and getting the most gifts at Christmas, but it would have been a lot less lonelier to have some siblings. So, watching this channel is like watching a what if scenario of another potential version of my life.

Besides the big family life, I also love that they adopt, they homeschool and that they travel. I love that their family is different from the average American family today. I love how diverse (and international) their family is. I love how they are focused on living their best life by always being there for each other through the power of love.

See also: Book Review: Love Without Borders, a book written by the creator of This Gathered Nest.

Click here to watch This Gathered Nest YouTube channel.

Slice ‘n Rice

This one is a recent find that I happened to discover after watching a video of theirs go viral on Facebook. After watching that first video, I spent the next few hours watching video after video. Their videos are just hilarious. They have me laughing throughout the entire video. The energy is great. The video quality is phenomenal. But most importantly, they seem like real, authentic people in their twenties.

I particularly like the videos about them learning about each other’s African and South Korean cultures. Whatever the content, they approach each video with laughter and fun. This is one that you should definitely check out as I guarantee that you will spend the next few hours laughing out of the seat of your pants.

Click here to watch the Slice ‘n Rice YouTube channel.

Squirmy and Grubs

This channel I also discovered earlier this year in 2020 (something else to add to this list) I was watching a viral video that featured this channel. That video was about a woman named Hannah in a relationship with a man in a wheelchair named Shane. That video made me interested in checking out the Squirmy and Grubs channel. So, I did and fell instantly in love.

What I love most about this channel is not the disability issues, but that Shane lives everyday with such positivity and grace. The fact that he is in a wheelchair or that his then-girlfriend, now-wife has to help take care of him more so than any other couple is only the least important part about him. Shane is the founder of a non-profit organization (Laughing At My Nightmare) and a published author. He lives each day never taking any day for granted. He lives each day with hope, peace, and lots of hilarity and fun.

The Squirmy and Grubs channel is in fact participating in vlogmas this year. I am particularly loving their most recent and thought provoking topics about living with a disability, daily routines, and being a couple.

Click here to watch the Squirmy and Grubs YouTube channel.

Live Each Day

I first started watching this channel four years ago. I remember that one of their videos had popped up in my Google feed. It was about breastfeeding in public and at the time it was pretty relevant to my daily life, as I had just had a child. I watched that video and instantly fell in love. I started watching more videos from this channel. At that time, they were living in Alaska, so watching those videos about them discovering Alaska for the first time captivated me. As someone who has never been to Alaska, seeing videos about their experiences in that state showed me not just the beauty and wonder that exists in that state, but that beauty can be found anywhere.

When they moved from Alaska to the the continental states, they soon started vlogging less and less. However, recently, the creator of the channel (Cory Williams) has started vlogging again. I am glad that he has, and I have missed his content greatly. He always seemed to portray his real authentic self in his videos, giving his opinion about life and other things going on in his life. Because of this, his videos always seemed very relatable and positive to me. He — and his family — are all committed to living each day, or not taking any day for granted. That is why I always watch and check for new updates. I need that little dose of Live Each Day positivity in my life.

Click here to watch the Live Each Day YouTube Channel. You might also recognize the creator of this channel from the popular music video The Mean Kitty Song.


This is another channel that I like to watch. This channel is about a black Korean American man who currently lives in South Korea. He vlogs about his experiences living in South Korea, as well as his experiences being half black and half Korean in both countries. He also features his girlfriend, who is also half Korean. They vlog about being half Korean in Korea.

As a hapa, I find this channel extremely relatable. Throughout most of the videos, I find myself nodding to almost everything he says because I have experienced a lot of what he’s experienced. It is really nice to watch a video from someone who has had similar life experiences as I have. It is really nice to watch videos from someone who is also multiracial and navigating life as one. I like how he doesn’t choose one race, but rather embraces both cultures. This channel is a must watch for anyone who is interested in watching a video about someone who is confident in who he is and embraces every facet of himself.

Click here to watch the Skycedi YouTube channel.


These are the 5 YouTube channels that you must follow today. I chose these five YouTube channels because I felt that they are all a good mix of engaging, entertaining, and elucidating content. In short, they can all make you laugh, but you can also learn something new from each each of these channels. And I think that is the hallmark to a good, high quality YouTube channel.

There are a few more channels that I do like to watch regularly. I may end up doing a part two. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to read a part two.

What is your favorite YouTube channel?

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  1. Well, I “retired” officially in December, 2019, closing my construction company after 19 years. But I still gets lots of calls for consultations and for small jobs like stair railings or small repairs, and though ladder-work is out (by order of my bride of 31 years) I still sneak up on short ones every now and then. 😉 (Fortunately, she doesn’t read blogs, so I can safely admit this crime here!)
    That said, I look forward to slowing down after the vaccines kick in nation wide, maybe by next spring, and appreciate having some ideas of YouTubes to watch!
    I heard that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook were considering a merger: the new site will be YouTwitFace! :-)))))
    Helen, thanx for all your fascinating blogs.

    1. Yes absolutely, they are really funny! I just love their dynamic.
      Thanks for the recommendation! I went ahead and subscribed & will watch soon <3

  2. I love slice and rice. They are a funny couple to watch! I enjoy there content. I have many favorite YouTubers. My favorite this month is twilightchic143! She is participating in Blogmas! The

    1. Yes they are funny, aren’t they? Whenever I want a laugh, they are the perfect recipe for that! <3
      I've never heard of twilightchic143 but I went ahead and I subscribed so that I can watch a video of hers soon <3

  3. I use to LOVE watching YouTube videos (and filming my own) but it’s been so long since I’ve done that. Tbh, when they started including trailers of scary movies in their ad’s I was a bit turned off lol. I do miss it though and I try to get back into it often but with a toddler I have very little time for myself lol!

    Maybe I’ll set aside time when she’s asleep to get back into it all!

    1. Yeah, I hear you, it’s hard to find the time to watch YouTube videos. I find that the best way is to be intentional with your time. Watch videos when you get a bit of free time or taking a break.
      Do you still have a YouTube channel?

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