5 Ways You Can Create a Stellar Blog Post

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The very concept of writing a blog and publishing it for the masses to enjoy has taken off since the beginning of the Internet era. I think one huge reason for that is because people like to express themselves, to be heard, and to be liked. We seek validation from people, even from those we have never met.

When we do meet someone in real life, presentation is important. We want to look or dress a certain way. We want people to like us, to compliment us, and to validate us.

Similarly, presentation is important when blogging. Having a killer blog post is everything.

Now I’m not talking about being a good writer, but about making the blog post look beautiful. Sometimes the most well written blog post can be easily turned off if the font or formatting is not attractive to the readers.

Conversely, a blog post that is mediocre in nature could potentially go viral with the right images, fonts, and spacing. Of course, that does not mean that you should skimp on good writing. It just means that how you say it is just as important as what is said.

In this blog post, I will give five ways that you can create a stellar, amazing, one-of-a-kind post.

1–Keep It Short and Simple

This is the KISS method. No, it’s not about kissing, though you certainly can. We do need more love in the world, after all. KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple.

I don’t know about you, but I am put off by a post that is long winded and monotonous. I love blog posts that have short paragraphs, concise sentences, and lots of spacing in between. It makes the blog post less intimidating and overwhelming. It makes it more interesting, enjoyable, and readable.

Otherwise, they might think where is this going? and that thought is one step away from clicking that giant X button in the upper right corner of the screen.

2–Bullet Points Are Your Best Friends

Short paragraphs are needed. This can further be aided by using bullet points or numbered lists. People like lists. I mean, think about it. We make grocery lists, school supply lists, chore lists, to do lists, etc, etc. Our entire lives are driven by lists.

Having lists or bullet points in your blog posts helps the reader to see the main points and the sub points more clearly. For example, this post is about writing a great blog post. Then, there are the subheadings to show what each mini section is about.

That way, the reader can quickly and easily skim over the post to decide if it’s worth their time before delving in. Having a numbered list is like glancing at the table of contents in a book. You need to know what you are getting yourself into before fully committing to the post.

3–Visuals Are Essential Workers

In the blogging world, visuals are like essential workers. They are absolutely needed. Not having at least one great visual can make the post look unappealing and unattractive. Having a fantastic visual can lure people to your site. People like pretty things and when we see something that is beautiful, we tend to go to it.

Furthermore, pictures can help to illustrate the ideas that you are trying to express. After writing your blog post, step back for a moment and ask yourself what is the theme of this blog post? Once you come up with one or two words, go take a picture of that item. Or, if you are using WordPress, you have access to a gallery of thousands of beautiful, free images available.

4–Get Fancy With The Font

I cannot tell you enough how important it is to have a font that is legible and easy to read. Moreover, it is important to make sure that the font color goes well with the background color. Having a well-written post means nothing if they can’t read it.

Another technique you can use in your posts, though sparingly, is by going bold or getting a bit fancy. It helps to liven up the sentence so you aren’t just reading regular black printed lines. It makes it seem as if the words are dancing and having fun. And isn’t that what you want your readers to feel?

5–Balance Is Key

As in all things in life, it is important to use good balance in your blog posts. For example, if you use an image at the top of your post, consider using an image toward the bottom of the post. Consider making all of the paragraphs similar sizes and lengths. Consider using a color scheme that is complimentary to each other. Make sure that each element in the post not only has a purpose, but that it looks good in the post.

The foundation of a good blog post is not just the act of writing, but how each element in the blog post works together in a way that makes sense. You want the blog post to look good overall. A blog post that is well written, and looks fantastic, is bound to keep your readers happy, entertained, and engaged.

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What do you think makes up a stellar blog post?

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26 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Create a Stellar Blog Post

  1. Great tips here. It’s not enough to just write these days. Now you have to think of the presentation, how to make it easy for the reader, and getting your work seen by people. Thanks for sharing, Helen!

  2. One thing that annoys me the most with blogs is a disorganized one. A blog website that I can’t navigate will immediately click out of it. Drop down menus are my best friends! People know where to find what post they want to read.

  3. Hi, Helen! Love this post, it’s simple yet it’s very detailed and will be very helpful for bloggers, I know it. I’m also not a fan of long paragraphs it hurts my eyes, so what I do with my posts is I try to limit each paragraph withing 1-3 sentences only, in that way, when readers see it on mobile they wont get too overwhelmed. 😊 thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Elle!
      Thanks for reading! I completely agree and I do the same with my paragraphs. Short and sweet is best in today’s visually digital world.

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