5 Things You Must Do During a Blogging Break

Whether you’ve been a blogger for three days or three years, chances are great that you’ve had to take a blogging break. A blogging break is when a blogger simply takes a break from writing or updating their blog. It can be as short as one hour or as long as you need to allow yourself to recharge in the hope of jumpstarting that blogging mojo. Oftentimes a blogging break is precipitated by a lack of motivation, overworking, or writer’s block. Simply put, the blogger has been writing too much, too long, and the mind is demanding a break, a respite, before it explodes like a volcano emitting a great lava of frustration.

But just because you take a blogging break doesn’t meant that you have to completely stop blogging. As any new or old blogger knows, the work of a blogger does not end when you slam down that publish button. While you take a blogging break, there are a few things that you can — you must — do so that you can keep your blog relevant and engaging to take back your blogging power.

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(Re)Discover old and new blogs

When you are busy writing blog posts and living your best life, then it can be hard to find the time to stay up to date on blogs written by your blogging friends. Trust me, as a mom with a full time job, I find that I often have to be intentional with my time in order to find the time to support my fellow bloggers. So, when you take a blogging break, then use that extra time that you would have spent writing, catching up on posts written by your blogging friends. Trust me, your blogging friends will thank you.

You should also use this time discovering new blogs. With more than 600 million blogs out there on the web, chances are that you have barely scratched the surface at reading even one percent of that figure. With that many blogs, there is a blog out there left unread and unseen. There are always more blogs and blogging friends to be discovered. Use this time to discover new blogs to expand your community, your mind, and ultimately your horizon. Who knows? Reading other blogs may help to end your blogging break by giving you a surge of inspiration and motivation.

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Comment, comment, and comment some more

It’s not enough to just read a blog. After all, if you were to just read a blog, then how would anyone know that you were there? Moreover, how would you express your opinion and validate or dispute the blogger if you didn’t write a comment. Not writing a comment is pretty much akin to being a background actor. You are just there but not in the center of the action.

So, make some noise and make your voice heard. Just because you stopped writing your blog temporarily doesn’t mean that you can’t express yourself on someone else’s blog, as long as you do it respectfully. And trust me, bloggers will appreciate your comments, long or short. And they are more likely to check out and even comment on your blog.

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Keep writing everyday

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You may have taken a break from updating your own blog, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop writing. You can guest post on another blog that is related to your niche, submit an article for publication to a magazine, write a short story or novel, or even just write in an ink and paper journal. If you stop writing all together, then how can you continue to improve your skills? By writing, even in a different medium or form, you are continually engaging your brain and creativity.

So, write everyday. It really doesn’t matter what it is that you write. As long as you keep exercising those muscles so that they don’t get stagnant and stale, you will be able to jump right back into blogging when the time comes. Even on the hardest of days when the right words just won’t come, or you can’t write past a certain chapter or scene, just try to push past it. Write something else that is related to your work in progress to help get those writing juices flowing. Just close your eyes and free write, letting the words take over your body and soul, and see what happens. Who knows? You may even end up with a best selling masterpiece.

Keep promoting on social media

As I have mentioned both in this post and off, engaging with your community is important. This can be done in two ways: commenting on blogs (your own and others) and through social media. You can use social media to find new followers, create conversation, and promote your works. Just because you stopped updating your blog temporarily doesn’t mean that you should stop promoting. In fact, you should use the extra time to not just share your blog but to create relevant images and information to ultimately drive traffic to your blog.

It might feel weird to keep promoting an old blog post. But topics, just like fashion, tend to go in cycles. What was once relevant yesterday will again be relevant in the future. For example, if you wrote a blog post about giving Christmas gifts, then you can again promote that post the following year. By continually promoting relevant blog posts, you are able to not just find keep your blog relevant and unforgettable. After all, one of the pitfalls of not posting is the possibility of your followers forgetting about your blog. So, keep promoting and make some noise even during a blogging break so that you remain at the forefront of new and old reader’s minds.

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Live your best life

And finally, this is probably the most important. When you are on a blogging break, remember to live your best life. Remember that to be an effective blogger, you must first live, or put your life first. This means that you should not put your life on hold for social media. Rather, you should live and do the things that you want off social media. You can then share or write about these experiences. But if you never had these experiences in the first place, then how can you blog about it?

So, now that you’ve got to the end of this article. Go and do what you have always wanted to do. Live the life that you always imagined. After all, tomorrow is not guaranteed, as the coronavirus has ever so gently and sweetly taught us. Remember that we must take a blogging break to live today so that we can ultimately be better bloggers.

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Have you ever taken a blogging break? If so, what did you do on said break?

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5 Things You Must Do During a Blogging Break
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20 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do During a Blogging Break

  1. I have taken a blogging break when I first started and when I was on the break I kept discovering blogs, commenting, living my life, relaxing and promoting on insta. Great points Helen!! Good post as always

    1. Absolutely! Your blogging life doesn’t end on a blogging break — on the contrary it can begin and transform into something really awesome

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Amazing read! I think it’s important for bloggers to take a break when they need to but that doesn’t mean we should just sit there idle. During my breaks, I like to come up with more interesting blog ideas or I just read posts from my blogger friends and new blogs I discover

  3. I’m taking a holiday from blogging. And it’s lovely just to relax and take photos. I’m pretty much doing what you’re saying in your post. 😀

    1. Yes, it is amazing to just relax & do you. I’m kind of on a semi break & haven’t been posting as much on here. It does feel good not to have to worry about posting every day. Definitely less pressure.

  4. In honor of your second suggestion, here is my comment! 😊
    I was going to leave it like that, but your excellent conclusion does require a comment. As a retiree it becomes easy to sit at the computer ALL day and read and comment on blogs. Then I notice the things I am not getting done, and realize there MUST be limits on by computer time, or I will miss the rest of my life.
    Not just on a blogging break, but remember to live your best life even while blogging!
    Great read! ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    1. Absolutely! It can be quite easy to just sit & read blogs & watch vlogs & tiktoks & IG reels. You find yourself sitting down one minute and then the next it’s five hours later and the day is almost over.. we definitely need to find a balance between being on social media and living our best lives. We can’t let social media control us.

  5. Lovely post! In order to write about our experiences, we have to live through them! It can be difficult to step away from our phones and social media, but it’s so refreshing when we do. Being present is so important and I find it makes us better writers! Thank you for the reminder that it’s ok to step away!

  6. Ugh I feel like I’ve been needing a break for so long now… But every Wednesday I’ve managed to pull one out but it’s been a slow go with my brain! I’ve been meaning to also get ahead of my blogging schedule but that’s harder to do even your momentum is lacking! Great post 🙂

  7. Good morning Helen- This article is spot on. I’m not sure I’m in a complete “Blogging Break”- more of a “Blogging Lull”. What happened for me is this- I started my Blog because the publication, Adirondack Life Magazine, that had been publishing my articles, for some reason, with no explanation, rather suddenly stopped. So I needed a new vehicle, & thus started a Blog. It went really well for a little over a year. I had fun writing & posting a story or two a week- lots of reads, building a small but enthusiastic following. BUT- while a story or two a week doesn’t sound like much, over time, it’s a grind. About the time I stopped really enjoying that grind- The Adirondack Almanack, an online publication carrying my stories now, picked me up, so that motivated me to keep writing, which I have done. However, now my dilemma is this: On my blog- a story night get a few hundred views. 500 was killer. 1k was huge! At the Almanack- I regularly get in the THOUSANDS- with lots of great interactive feedback. So- I struggle with whether to keep posting my stories on my blog, as that is almost competing against myself- folks don’t generally read the same story twice. It’s hard serving “two masters” as well. On the other hand, I still occasionally write some stuff that doesn’t fit the Almanack’s footprint- so for that, I still need my blog. A good dilemma to have, I will admit. But that’s sort of where I am at the moment. My blog was always intended to be a vehicle, not a destination. So- I’m not quite certain what I am going to do, going forward. I guess I’m in a bit of a “blogging dilemma”.

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