5 Things You Must Do After You Publish Your Blog Post

You’ve done it! You’ve published a blog post. It is now online for the masses to consume at their leisure. But contrary to popular belief, your work is just beginning. Being a blogger is not just about writing. Being a successful blogger means that you must be good at not just writing, but social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, topic research, analysis, graphic design, and website design, amongst others. Being a good blogger requires that you are able to wear multiple hats well, even juggling some of them at once. That is why even after you hit publish on a blog post, there is still so much work left to be done. In this blog post, I am going to share with you five things you must do after you publish your blog post.

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Preview Your Blog Post

The first thing that you should do after you publish your blog post is to preview your blog post again. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking shouldn’t I preview my blog post before I hit publish? Well, yes, you should. But you should also go click on your blog post link even after you publish your post. You should do this for two reasons: 1–to make sure that your text and images are loading, 2–to make sure that the link is working correctly, and 3–to make sure that any and all internal and external links are going to their correct destinations.

Nothing is worse for a reader who loads a website to find that the link is not working, or when one or two of the images aren’t uploading correctly. Also, when you preview your blog post, consider previewing your blog post on both the desktop and your mobile device, because you can bet that your readers will be using their computer, phone or tablet to read your blog. There have been cases in which blogs might upload perfectly on one platform but not on another. You want to catch these technical errors as soon as possible so that you can resolve them. So, definitely preview your blog post after publishing to make sure that all is well.

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Take a Break

Once you make sure that your blog post has uploaded correctly across all devices and Internet browsers, then I suggest that you go take a break. At this point, you have probably spent an hour or more hunched over your desk, your fingers speedily typing before the ideas run away. At this point, your legs are most likely cramped, your back is aching, and you are thirsty. So, stand up, stretch, use the bathroom, and grab yourself a snack and a drink. You’ve earned it.

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Share to Social Media

Once you’ve taken a break, then you are ready to get back onto the computer. You may have finished your blog post, but again your work is still not finished. There is more to blogging than writing, and now that the writing is done, it is time to use social media to promote your work. A general rule of thumb is that the more time that you can spend on social media the most activity and engagement you can get for your blog.

Depending on which social media platforms that you use (and that varies widely depending on the demographic that you want to reach), you must create content that is an authority on the topics that you write about on your blog. You can do this by using various engagement techniques, such as questions, inspirational sayings, beautiful pictures, and of course your blog links. Always be sure to include the link to your blog post whenever you are on social media. Any time that you don’t share your link is another potential reader that you may have failed to reach.

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Engage With Your Audience

While it is important to share your blog link on social media, it is not enough. You must also engage with your audience. You must reply back to their comments. By doing so, you are creating a two-way conversation between you and the reader, which can lead to trust. By interacting with your readers, you seem more genuine and authentic to them. This can help pave the way toward a long lasting blogger-reader relationship. And this long lasting blogger-reader relationship is essential to helping you continue to grow your brand and your blog so that your ideas can reach the furthest points in the blogosphere.

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Write Your Next Blog Post

And lastly, while you are promoting and interacting with your readers on your blog and social media, you must also start writing your next blog post. In order to be successful, bloggers must be consistent, posting content on a regular schedule. With that in mind, you should be brainstorming content for the week or month, or writing a new blog post. Your job as a blogger is never complete. You must constantly either create content or be on social media promoting and sharing your blog links, or even doing them concurrently.

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What do you do after you hit publish on a blog post?

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25 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do After You Publish Your Blog Post

  1. The reality of a Blogger’s life or we can say behind the scenes. Well structured and written; to write a blog is one thing and to be a full-time Blogger is another which is a very difficult but a fun and enjoyable task. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Hi, Helen. I feel like I’m in class when I read your posts. I really appreciate the information you provide. It helps me get better at this blogging routine. Lately, I’ve let “life” get in the way of being consistent, but hope to get back on track soon. Still have some projects to finish first, insurance companies to deal with.

    Thanks again. Have a great day.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading & glad that you find my blog posts informative. I hope that all is well with you & that you are soon able to find your blogging mojo again. Happy blogging!

  3. Great post after I publish a post I check itโ€™s stats and engagement and comments and then take a break and relax and unwind and do other stuff

  4. Love this, I always spot a typo when I preview – it does not matter how many times I’ve gone over it there is always one that I’ve missed until I read it published ha, ha. Need to get into the habit of looking at the next post sooner than I end up doing

  5. These are really important!
    I’m quite frustrated because of the pandemic situation in India right now so I can’t concentrate in promoting my posts on social media. I still have to promote 3 of my posts on Insta and don’t have an idea when I’ll log into Twitter lol.

  6. I generally go to sleep ๐Ÿ˜… I agree with taking a break though. I used to be better about proof reading my posts a day later, just to look at it with fresh eyes, but with lockdown out of the way, I donโ€™t get much time anymore.

    1. Well, going to sleep can also do wonders for your writing! <3 Just write, take a nap and then wake up to tackle the piece again <3

      Thanks for reading <3

      1. Hahaha yeah, but as a mom I generally write late at night so itโ€™s inevitable. Try it. Thereโ€™s something about a writing and coming back to the post later when in a different mood that really helps view it as a complete stranger. I find this to be true when I write about depression then read it in a good mood.

  7. I agree! Engaging with your readers is key! After I write a post, I call the next action “going on a promo tour”, ๐Ÿ˜‚.. I Interact with my readers and read their posts and comment and then I go out into the blogosphere to find like-minded blogs!

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