5 Things That Every Black Friday Shopper Should Know

5 Things That Every Black Friday Shopper Should Know

I have never gotten caught up in the craze of Black Friday shopping. However, I have worked retail. I have worked retail on late Thanksgiving nights and (Black) Friday mornings and I can tell you that it is pretty hectic. It is crazy. As soon as the doors open, people would just rush in without a thought. Every single one of these people had one thing in mind: to grab that coveted item that was on sale for 70% off before it sold out.

As someone who has worked behind the scenes at a department store, I can tell you first hand that Black Friday really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. For most items, it really isn’t worth standing outside the store in freezing cold weather just to save a couple of extra dollars. Especially when the alternative is that you could be home with your family, eating delicious food, and watching movies late into the night. The past few years, many stores have started opening up on Thanksgiving evening, in an effort to beat out the competition. This year, however, due to Covid-19, many stores will finally stay closed on Thanksgiving, opening for Black Friday on, well, Black Friday.

So, this post is for those of you who plan to do some shopping on Black Friday. This post is for those of you who have had your eye on something for months and are now debating if this is the right time to get it. And finally, this post is for those of you who is looking to jump start their holiday shopping.

Do Your Research

Start your shopping a few months prior to Black Friday. I know, I know, that sounds counter productive, not to mention, pointless. I mean, who starts Christmas shopping in July? And isn’t Black Friday supposed to signal the beginning of Christmas shopping season? Well, yes, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research.

So, I recommend making your Christmas list two to four months in advance. This also helps with your budget, or the amount that you plan to spend during the holidays. It also means that you can keep track of the prices months in advance. This is a method that I use personally as it helps to keep me organized. I can also keep track of any price changes. Sometimes the prices for things will drop considerably, even when it’s not Black Friday.

All Things Aren’t Created Equal

I mentioned that it’s important to do your research. I mentioned that you should keep track of what and how much you are willing to spend. You should also keep track of the location of those items. For example, an item at Target might be priced lower than an item at Walmart. Don’t just go to one store, but instead compare prices. See where you can get the best deals combined with the best coupons.

Patience Is A Virtue

It is true that patience is a virtue. It is especially true when it comes to shopping. If there is something that you really want, then don’t buy it then and there, even if you can afford it. Put it in your shopping cart, or wish list, and let it set. Let it sit and watch as the price changes. Buy it when the price goes down or when a coupon becomes available. Also, chances are that by waiting, it will confirm whether or not it really is something that you need in your life.

Just Because It’s On Sale Doesn’t Mean You Need It

So many people are under the impression that if it’s on sale for a really good deal, then you have to buy it. But that’ s not true at all. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it. Only buy things that you really need or were planning to buy. Also, don’t give in to the random impulse buys scattered throughout the store. Before putting anything into your shopping cart, stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself if you can see yourself using it six months from now. If the answer is yes, then by all means throw it in the cart. But if the answer is no, then walk away. If you won’t need it six months from now, then you don’t really need it now.

Wear Your Mask

And finally, if you plan to venture out to the stores to go shopping on Black Friday, remember that there is still a pandemic going on. So, please remember to wear your mask. Or, stay home and shop online on Black Friday. It will be the same exact experience, but without the crowds and suffocating masks.

So, if you plan on going out on Black Friday, these are the five things that every Black Friday shopper should know. Do your research, be patient, don’t impulse buy, and wear your mask.

Are you planning on taking advantage of the Black Friday sales? Let me know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “5 Things That Every Black Friday Shopper Should Know

  1. The last one is definitely the most important one. Wear your masks, people!

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

  2. There has been plenty of times where the Black Friday sales weren’t the best sales of the season. The term sale may not even reflect the best price.
    Marketing tactics at work.

    1. Absolutely! Prices fluctuate all the time throughout the year. It’s really best to just keep track of the prices in your wishlist and purchase them when they are at their lowest. Or you can just wait for the item to go on clearance.

  3. Wow this is interesting and so true! This year, I didn’t plan on shopping on Black Friday… I actually haven’t in years. But we did adopt your wait and watch approach with a few big items we need for our new house (aircons, security cameras, etc). You’re right about price drops not being that massive during Black Friday … the items we got were sold at the same price as their previous special!

    1. Yes! often times the prices don’t change much at all. After all the companies have got to make a profit too. They just slap a huge sale sign on it and know that people will automatically flock to it thinking it’s a good deal 🙂
      Thanks for reading

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