5 Reasons Why You Must Not Check Your Own Ratings

As anyone who works in the customer service industry knows, ratings are important. Whether you create a product, publish a book, or do a service, there will be a customer on the other side who can give you a rating. It can be that you become so focused on the rating system so that you check your own ratings every hour or so. You may have a 5-star rating and then you get that one customer who decides to give you a 1-star rating, which drastically lowers your rating for the week and month. In that moment, your entire world comes crashing down as the previous illusion of perfection is shattered. In that moment, you feel a range of emotions, from sadness to anger to frustration as you wonder how long it would take to bring your average up again. While I am not saying that ratings are unimportant, but I am saying that you must not check your own ratings. While it is fine to check your ratings every once in awhile to see how you are doing, but don’t let it become a part of your daily routine.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ratings are just a number

At the end of the day, ratings are just a number. They are only seemingly important because we place value and emotion behind those numbers.

Ratings have no power over you

You should not be controlled emotionally or mentally by ratings because ratings have no power over you. If someone gives you a 1-star rating, then don’t let it ruin your day or stop pursing your passion. If someone gives you a 5-star rating, then don’t let it make you too overconfident or arrogant. Don’t get into a fight over a single rating. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

Ratings are not a determinating factor

Ratings are not a determinating factor. They are not an indicator of your worth, or even your product’s worth. They are not a factor of how well you did something. They are simply one person’s opinion. Opinions are not factual and can be heavily influenced by emotion. Why should we match anger with anger?

Ratings are not 100% trustworthy

When checking your own ratings, remember that ratings are not 100% trustworthy. They are just one person’s opinion and certainly not factual. When viewing the ratings for a book, a movie, or a product, take it with a grain of salt. By all means, read the ratings, but note this: the ratings that you see listed are either written due to exchange of money or intense emotions. It is true that sometimes business’s pay people to write reviews. It is also true that people write reviews when they are either very angry or very excited about the product.

It’s not always about you

For many, ratings are another way for people to express themselves about the product, and not you. It’s not always about you, but the product. They are expressing how they felt about the product and what it did for them. They are very rarely reviewing you, so don’t take offense or assume it is an attack against your personality or behavior.

Do you check your own ratings? Why or why not?

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