5 Elements You Must Have In Every Blog Post

Writing a blog post can be pretty tough and complicated. Besides the writing itself, you also have to bear in mind that we are living in a digital world. That means that you have to create a blog post that is not just meaningful and worthwhile, but also beautiful and purposeful. You want your blog post to be beautiful so that readers can read your blog post without having to squint or get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of text. You want your blog post to be purposeful so that you can express your point, while also showing your readers how the post affects them. In short, you want to use all of the senses to appeal to your readers. With that in mind, I brought together five elements that you must have in every blog post in order to create the best content and engagement for your blog.

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5 Elements That You Must Have in Every Blog Post


Whether you are a blogger who assigns a title before or after writing the article, the fact of the matter is that your article needs a title. A title helps to give the article a sense of direction. It is essentially a summation of what the article is about, while at the same time making it enticing for your reader. Whether it consists of only one word or ten words, the title does the job of giving some sense of what topic your article falls under. If your article doesn’t have a title, then how would your reader know what your article is about? And without knowing what your article is about, how would you be able to attract the right audience for your piece? So, you see, it is crucial that your blog article have a title. Without a title, then I’m afraid that you have a crisis on your hands.

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Another important element to every blog post is to have a few subheadings. Subheadings are like mini-titles, cleverly wrapped up inside the article. They are often indicated by the H2, H3, H4, and so on, functions in the blog text. They serve as a useful break for your reader, allowing them to pause before delving right into the next section. They also make your blog article scannable and readable.

I can’t tell you what is the right number of subheadings to have. That varies widely depending on the type of article that you are writing. If you are writing an article about the 8 Best Reasons Why You Should Smile Today, then you probably need eight subheadings. Or, if you have a food blog and are posting a recipe, then you probably need at least two subheadings: ingredients and a method of preparation. So, use subheadings to help emphasize the key elements in the post, while also making your blog post as easy to read as possible.


Once you have your blog post completely finished, then the next step is to add the images. A blog post without images is like a lackluster piece without any vision. Images serve to give your readers a visual aid to help them visualize or even accentuate the topic on hand. Images can help your reader better understand the material. Particularly in today’s digital age, images are vital more than ever. Any good blog post has a healthy balance of text and images. Any reader who comes across a blog post without images, no matter how well written it is, might immediately be turned off by the monotonous post. Similar to how a title helps to draw the reader in, the right images serve as a way to ensnare the reader, captivating their attention fully.

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It is not enough that you write a stellar blog article. You must also tell your reader what you want them to do. You need a call-to-action. This can be in the form of a question, asking your reader to respond in the comments. Or, this could be a request to visit another website for more information on the topic. Or, you could ask your reader to subscribe to your blog for more related content. So, write your blog post to inform your readers about the topic, and then use your call-to-action as a reminder to galvanize them into action. After appealing to all of the senses in the blog post, use the call-to-action to really bring it home.

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Social Media Links

Once you have the right title, subheadings, images, and call-to-action, you have to provide a means for your readers to contact you. At the end of your blog post, you should post your social media links. You can choose to post all of your social media links, or just the social media links that are exclusive to your brand. If you only use one social media platform actively, then just post that one. If you use all of them, then post them all.

By providing your social media links, you are promoting your brand, as well as extending your readership. You don’t want to just write a one-and-done blog article. You want your readers to read your articles, and then want to seek additional contact with you to establish that long-term reader-blogger relationship. You want to convert that random stranger who happened to come across your blog to a loyal reader. You want to continue the conversation on another platform via different types of mediums. That is why you need to post your social media links so that your reader knows how to contact you.

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What else would you add to this list?

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20 thoughts on “5 Elements You Must Have In Every Blog Post

  1. You always have wise advice, Helen. However, you have violated one of the most important unwritten rules of blogging. NEVER post a picture of such delicious looking food without a RECIPE!! 😱 (even if it is unrelated to the subject of the blog!)
    I am currently trying to get the US congress and senate to take this up and pass a law requiring that anyone who does so would have to hand deliver a meal of said picture to every one of her (or his) followers! See you in court, young lady. 😂

  2. I agree with all of these points except for the last one. I discovered that social media is not a necessity when blogging. It’s nice to have. I link my posts to twitter which appear on the right side of my blog, but I don’t incorporate twitter links into my blog posts. I don’t bother posting links on other social media sites – it seems like a lot of extra work and I haven’t really seen the benefits of building large audiences on other platforms besides WP. If people from social media are curious about what I post, I let them know via a text message if we are friends and message each other on a regular basis. At least I know they are more inclined to read what I’m up to.

    As for pictures, I highly recommend that bloggers use their own photos rather than use free ones. Lately I’ve seen bloggers snatch photos (snatch?) from free photo sites etc. and it’s an obvious giveaway when they do this. Even the very high-end curated photos from “high-end” bloggers scream unauthentic to me. Real photos that the blogger took themselves is authentic imo, especially when they are decent quality. I also can’t stand heavy filters on photos unless they were meant to be filtered. Yup, lots of pet peeves! 😂

    1. Hey Hilary! Thanks for your thoughtful comments! <3 I do agree with many of your points. I agree that it is better to use photos that you took yourself (in fact I did nearly mention that in my post)… but sometimes some of us aren't as photography inclined as others. lol
      As for social media, I do see your point. At least on WordPress.com, most of your readers will probably be other bloggers on WordPress.com. However, I do see a benefit from promoting on Twitter and do get a good number of views from that platform. The other ones… just a few. I think that is because social media is so fast paced and people are on there to be entertained. They might not want to click out of the social media platform to read a blog (unless it is interesting or relatable to them). So those platforms are a bit tougher to get the views. But at the same time, I don't think it hurts to at least put a few links out there. After all without social media, how else can we promote our blogs?

      1. Your reply intrigued me. An excellent point you raised about blog promotion. It’s true that social media is really all we have to rely on. That, and pestering friends and family to read our blog posts. Indeed, social media is very faced paced that it’s hard to target an audience who is willing to click on our links. Catering to a specific niche might be the way to go. I noticed that most of my connections on FB, LinkedIn, IG etc. do not cater to my niche(s). Most of these people I share nothing in common with, and spending time on these platforms were mostly a waste of time – for me, anyways.

        Since I use a free platform, it’s true that the majority of my readers are WP bloggers. I have yet to learn how to become self-hosted, but sadly my blog name isn’t available. As for the photography, I may have missed that tidbit in your blog post because I skimmed the blog post (I’ve been in a mad dash lately to get a lot of things done that I didn’t have time to sit down and read the whole thing, which i apologize for) 🙊

      2. Hey Hilary, thanks again for the response. Not having anything in common with your followers would be one of the reasons why. That is why it is important to follow and be followed by people who share your interests. I see so many people on social media joining follow loops trying to gain their following — that is all good but at the same time, most of them aren’t really interested in your content and is just looking to gain. Most likely they will either just be a number or unfollow you at the next opportunity. It is hard to grow and find followers who are loyal to your brand especially for someone just starting out.
        I don’t think it’s a bad thing for the most of your readers to be WP bloggers. The best thing about that is the bloggers do generally support each other. I’ve also found lots of support on Twitter (#writingcommunity) and have found that many of them are willing to read blog posts that seem interesting enough.

      3. A lot of people in those follow for follow groups happen to be bots as well. I recommend following similar bloggers on WP as well as following people with similar interests on social media, such as other bloggers. Most of the people I followed on social media were people I knew and they were not bloggers, which limited growth.

        This blogging community is wonderful and there’s so much support here on WP. I prefer this community over other platforms tbh. One thing I really suggest doing for all bloggers, whether new or experienced, is to connect with their readers. Replying to comments makes a HUGE difference, and other bloggers will remember you. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave super detailed replies to my comments! ♥️

      1. Yes absolutely! There is no harm in reminding readers to subscribe to your blog at the end of every post. <3

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed reading this post and it helped me to think about my own blog. I think I’m doing okay so far, but I need to work on being more direct with my calls to action and I haven’t yet started linking my social media. I mainly share my blog through Twitter so I might add that link onto my posts in future. I’m now off to read some more of your posts for more tips. 🙂

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