5 Christmas Lessons Hidden in The Hunger Games

Recently, I managed to snag a copy of The Hunger Games from The Little Free Library. Even more recently, I have started reading The Hunger Games again. Once again, I find myself being transported to District Twelve, where it all began for Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. I find myself transported to the Arena where the pair struggle to survive in circumstances that I can’t imagine children being placed in.

As I read The Hunger Games around the holidays, I realize that this book has a lot to teach us about life. It may be an alternate reality book about what happens when children act as mere instruments by an uncaring government and country. But the book’s true power is its ability for the true power of love to prevail over adversity and anarchy. These powerful lessons emanating from the book are all lessons that we should keep in mind as we celebrate the holidays.

5 Christmas Lessons Hidden in The Hunger Games

5 Christmas Lessons Hidden in The Hunger Games

  • Sacrifice is the ultimate form of love
  • Love will always prevail
  • Home is more than a fancy building
  • Everything is not what it seems
  • Sometimes plans fall by the wayside

Self-sacrifice is the ultimate form of love

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The Hunger Games starts off with Katniss giving the ultimate sacrifice. She sacrifices herself in order to save her sister. Later, we see that Peeta also sacrifices himself in an effort to save Katniss. They do this because of love. Sometimes we find ourselves sacrificing ourselves in the name of love. We need more of this in the world today. Do a simple gesture, give a warm smile, or extend a helping hand to a friend or neighbor. This Christmas, think of someone else.

Love will always prevail

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I believe that love is the most powerful emotion in existence. I believe that with love, you can get through anything. It is because of love that Katniss has hope and faith for the future despite the overwhelming odds of survivor. It is because of love that Katniss teamed up with, first, Rue, and then Peeta. And it is because of love that Katniss never gave up hope that she would one day return to her family in District 12. No matter what evil there is in the world, as long as there is love, then it is possible to overcome it. Have hope in your dreams, have faith in a better future, and love with all of your being in the things that matter. Remember this this Christmas, because you can get through anything as long as love exists.

Home is more than a fancy building

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In The Hunger Games, Katniss came from a poor family in a poor district. She did not grow up in the most luxurious or even comfortable of accommodations. Still, she pines to be home during the entire time she is away. This book emphasizes that home is not the exterior or the foundation of the building, but rather it is comprised of the people who live within. Home is with the people that you love. Even the most ramshackle of places can be made into a loving home as long as the people within are pure and devoted to one another. This Christmas, it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is as long as it is filled with love.

Everything is not what it seems

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Throughout much of The Hunger Games, we learn that many things are an illusion. They appear to be one way, but in actuality, reality is different from what we expect. This goes to show that life should not be taken at face value. Everything is not what it seems. We should always be willing to delve deeper and to take a closer look. This Christmas, don’t judge people or situations based on what you see. Instead, look within to find the truth.

Sometimes plans fall by the wayside

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In this book, plans for survival were made, but then things happened to cause them to simply flop. This Christmas, we should remember that plans change — and be open to it. We should let ourselves evolve with the changing plans. When plans change, then stop, reevaluate, and then change your strategy. Life happens sometimes. We shouldn’t get angry about it, but rather face each obstacle with a positive frame of mind and a willingness to make a new plan. Things happen but it is what you do next that matters most of all.


Five years ago when I first read The Hunger Games, I saw it as a piece of dystopian literature about what happens when the government uses people — children — as pawns in their games. But today, I see The Hunger Games as a book that contains many important lessons. Above all, it teaches us about the importance of love and how it has the power to help us survive. No matter what is going on in the world — a hunger games or a pandemic — as long as there is love within and around you, you are protected.

So, this Christmas, remember to be kind because you never know what someone might be going through.

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  1. I really have a hard time accepting plans that change! But yes, this is an important lesson, we need to be open for change and to still let ourselves evolve with the changing plans, this will make us stronger and more flexible rather than resilient, which can also be a good thing. Thanks for sharing this! xx

  2. What a cool take of Hunger Games! I’m such a fan of it but never thought of it this way. But you’re quite right. There are some valuable lessons to take out of it.

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