5 Blogging Tips To Create A Stellar Post

How can you create a stellar post? Is it just good writing? While good writing is a crucial component to creating a stellar post, there are a few tricks that you can employ to make your blog post stand out. It is easy to just write a blog post in the blogging editor. But not everyone can write a blog post with purpose and intent so that it can captivate the minds and hearts of your readers. You can do that by following these 5 blogging tips. Because I use the platform WordPress.com on my own blog that is what my focus will be. However, you can of course use these tips on any blogging platform that best suits your needs.

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5 Blogging Tips to Create a Stellar Post

Create a succinct title

Before writing any blog post, you have to come up with a title. I firmly believe that the title is one of the most important components to any blog post. It is one of three things (other than the featured image and post description) that will get your reader to your blog. If your reader is not interested in your title, then they will not click on your blog link to read the article. So, having a succinct, even catchy, title is essential.

There is really no magic formula for the perfect blog post title. I have seen short three or four word titles capture the interests of many, as well as titles that are at least a foot long. I think as long as the title seems interesting to your target audience, then they will want to click on the blog link to read the article. Personally, I try to create titles that also show value to the reader. You want to give your reader a good reason why they should even spend five or ten minutes of their time reading your article. If they feel that they can learn something new from your article, then most likely they will read it.

So, create a title that is short, adds value, and gives a sense of what the blog post is all about. For example, the title of this blog post is 5 Blogging Tips to Create a Stellar Post. In eight words, I managed (I think) to express what information you can expect to find in this post, as well as the the purpose of the blog post (to create a stellar post). I also gave an idea of the target demographic (bloggers).

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Write an introduction

After writing a clear, succinct title, the next step is to write an introduction. The introduction serves the purpose of introducing the blog post to the reader. You can’t just jump in and start randomly talking about waffles or whatever. You have to gradually lead your reader to the main part of the article. In the introduction, you have to tell the reader three things: 1–what the article is all about, 2–who can benefit from reading this post, and 3–why the reader should even read this article. The introduction doesn’t have to be long, but it should be long enough to give a brief overview of the topic to be discussed.

It is also important that you write the introduction directly to the reader in a way that is captivating, drawing the reader in. You don’t want the reader to be halfway finished reading the introduction, and then give up, exiting out of the page. You want them to keep reading. I personally love to read — and write — introductions that start with a question. By asking a question, you can often get the reader not just thinking about the topic on hand, but relating it to their own life. Trust me, that method will get them even more interested, because the topic has just become that much more personal.

Use multiple headings

Once the introduction is finished, it is time to start writing the juicy part of the blog post. In this part, you will give the main points of discussion, along with some supporting details to back up your assertions. Personally, I prefer to write the headings before going back and filling in the details. One of the things that I love most about WordPress.com is the fact that you can create multiple headings. You can create a main heading, and then various subheadings.

In fact, for SEO purposes, it is good to have multiple headings in the blog post. It is also good for the reader to come across a blog post that has multiple headings. By having multiple headings, you can make the blog post more scannable and easy to read. The reader can quickly peruse the blog post, jumping from heading to subheading to paragraph. I personally prefer to create headings that are large so that they can stand out. I also prefer headings that short and succinct so that the reader can easily remember them.

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Write an excerpt

Another feature on WordPress.com that I really, really like is the excerpt section. To the right, under the tab ‘post,’ if you scroll down, you have the option to write an excerpt. Of course, writing an excerpt is totally optional. In fact, up until a few months ago, I did not write an excerpt. But then, I started to write one for every blog post I wrote. I wrote an excerpt for three reasons: 1–my current blog theme called for one, 2–it gives the reader an overview of the blog post, and 3–it is another way to get your reader to click on the link to read your post.

When I say that the excerpt is one way that you can get your reader to finally click on that blog link, I mean that your excerpt will show up as a post description when you share it to social media. It is one of three things that they will see (along with the title and featured image). The excerpt doesn’t have to be long. I recommend that the except be one or two sentences. It should clearly explain what the blog post is all about, who the intended audience is, and why they should read the blog post.

Use categories and tags

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And finally, after the blog post is written, it is essential that you use categories and tags. But what are categories and tags? Categories are brief one or two word descriptors that you can file your blog post under on your blog so that readers can easily find your blog post. When you first create a blog, I recommend that you go ahead and create three to six categories, such as parenting, writing, blogging, or food. As you create blog post after blog post, you can file each post away into a category that best fits the topic. This is important in that your reader can easily click on the category and read all of the posts in that particular category.

As for tags, tags are one word descriptors that describe the content of the post. They are similar to the hashtags that are popular on various social media sites, such as Instagram. Similar to hashtags, your reader can use tags to find your post. On the WordPress.com Reader, your reader can search for a specific tag, which will then generate a list of blog posts. So, it is essential to create a tag that is relevant and discoverable.

You can easily make your blog post relevant and discoverable. You can make your blog post relevant by creating tags that are related to the post on hand. For example, for this post, I used the tags blogging, bloggingtips, wordpress, and wordpress tips. There is really no maximum limit of how many tags you can use. I would even say that the more tags you use, the better, because you have a greater chance of your blog post reaching more readers. You can also make your blog post discoverable by doing research beforehand. I suggest that you look up the potential tag that you intend to use on the WordPress.com reader site to see what blog posts come up. This can give you an idea of the type of blog posts that are filed under that tag, as well as the amount of traffic. It is harder to get your blog noticed when there is considerable foot traffic.


These are the 5 blogging tips that you can use to create a stellar post. By using these tips, you will create a blog post that not only is catchy and captivating, but can also reach as many people as possible. You can also use these blogging tips to make your blog more professional and accessible for your reader. Let me know in the comments below what is your very best blogging tip, and then let me know if you’d like to see a part II, as there are many more blogging tips than described above.

What is your very best blogging tip?

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  1. This is a really helpful post. I agree that the title is so important. Sometimes I spend more time writing the title and choosing images than writing the actual post. I use a headline analyzer tool to analyze my titles. WordPress also gives your title a score and makes suggestions on how to improve it.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing the link Michelle!! I was always looking for a blogger recommended headline analyser

  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for the great tips! I will use them immediately and incorporate them in some drafts in progress. I use some of the tips but hadn’t really thought about the others. Also, I thought you mentioned using a “static” page for posts, or did I read that somewhere else? If you could point me to that – assuming it’s your comment and I missed it, I would appreciate it.

    Always enjoy learning – thanks again.

  3. Some great advice thank you. Having read the ‘Why you should blog’ yesterday this may be the kick start I need! I know there will be problems aplenty as I get to grips with blogging, but I already have an idea for my first subject in a few years!

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