5 Best Blog Articles That You Must Read

The best blog articles of 2020 are ones that inspire you, causes you to rethink a condition, or see the world from a different viewpoint. 2020 has widely been known as the year that has tested us in ways that we’ve never imagined, and yet there has been an abrupt shift toward awesome creativity funneled through the lens of technology in ways that have never been seen before. With this newfound explosion of creativity, people have danced and sang to Instagram Reels and TikToks and created blogs and vlogs documenting their perspectives about life from their corner of the world.

I have also joined this crusade to create by means of this blog. This year, I have written nearly every day on a variety of topics that I am passionate about. These are but 5 best blog articles that you must read. Each of these 5 best blog articles were written to inspire or to create change in the human condition. Each of these 5 best blog articles are some of the best on Crispy Confessions. This list is not a definitive list, or the only blog articles you should read. But it is a selection of the articles that I am most proud of.

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5 Best Blog Articles That You Must Read

5 Best Blog Articles That You Must Read

  • How I Taught My Child a Second Language
  • Life Lessons From My Korean Grandma
  • How To Cope With Grief During The Holidays
  • 7 Things I Am Most Grateful For This Holiday Season
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Play Candy Land With Your Kids

How I Taught My Child a Second Language

Number one on this best blog articles list is one that I am pretty darn proud of. In this article, I document how, and most importantly, why I taught my oldest child a second language. It may seem as if teaching another language would be difficult, but it was both the easiest and rewarding experience. It was easy because there was no formalized education involved. All it took was a willingness to speak the target language consistently. It was rewarding because it gave the oldest child an opportunity to learn a second language, while also improving my own skills in that language.

Click to read the blog article here.

Life Lessons From My Korean Grandma

The second article that I am pretty proud of having written pays respect to my Korean grandma. In this article, I write about the 4 life lessons I learned from having known and spent time with my Korean grandma. These life lessons — and memories — are what I often refer to when faced with some of life’s dilemmas. These life lessons are pretty universal; they can be relatable to everyone regardless of what country you come from.

Click here to read the article here.

How To Cope With Grief During The Holidays

One of the articles that I wrote during Blogmas was about a different aspect of the holidays. The holidays are associated with happiness and cheer. To be anything but happy during the holidays can conjure up associations of being related to the Grinch or Scrooge, which are not positive associations. I wrote this post to let you know that it’s okay to not want to be happy during the holidays. Things happen and we should spend it doing whatever we want. The holidays is not about being happy everyday or buying stuff, but instead having appreciation for the things that matter.

Click to read the blog article here.

7 Things I Am Most Grateful For This Holiday Season

I wrote this blog article after the Thanksgiving holidays, around the time that most people state the things that they are most grateful for. I admit that I didn’t want to feel left out. So, I wrote about the 7 things that I am most grateful for this year. But I think it is important to write the things that you are grateful for, no matter what time of year it is. This is something that we should all do on a weekly or monthly basis. Stepping back and writing down what we appreciate helps to give us perspective and not get carried away by trivial things. It helps us to examine the life that we are living at that moment so that in the future we can start to live better. We live better by being thankful and appreciative.

Click here to read the article here.

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Candy Land With Your Kids

Sometimes game can have a bad rep. For that reason, I wanted to write a post giving why playing games — specifically board games — can be helpful to your child’s — or even your own — development. Playing games aren’t just entertaining. They can be used to teach us things about life. What we see in the game is often a mirror image of life. For this reason, we should embrace the very act of playing games. When we approach it with this mindset, then they aren’t such a bad thing after all.

Click here to read the article here.

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  2. This was a nice collection! I would love to read them. Also, I love your blog name, it’s so perfect.❤ And it would be great if you can share some tips to learn Korean faster.😄 I’ve tried apps like Duolingo but the lessons aren’t well planned there.

    1. Hi Esdi,
      Thank you so much!! And thanks for reading.
      I think the best way to learn Korean — or any language — is to use them as much as you can. The best way to do is to travel to another country and speak the language with the native speakers. Of course if that is not possible, then the second best option is to take private Korean lessons either online or inperson, or speak to someone who speaks Korean.

      1. Oo, thank you so much! I would definitely find the ways out once I get rid of all these exams I’m going to have.😢

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  4. I love round-up lists like this as it is a nice showing of community within community.
    I would love to be able to read some of these posts, but all the links return a 404 not found page. You seem to have linked each URL by adding it to your own URL instead of to linking to each individual blog?
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      1. Awesome! It is those dates that broke the links. I spent forever dealing with the same issue from when I had not removed the date stamp from the URL . . . 🥰

      2. Yes that is exactly what happened. I removed the date stamp from the link and just assumed that everything would change automatically lol

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