4 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Job interviews are terrifying. Just saying ‘job interviews’ can cause tremors and evoke fear for many college graduates. And yet, it is an inevitable part of graduating. It is the next step.

I’ve had a couple of job interviews. I’ve had some that went well and some that just didn’t. When they did go well, it was because I was being myself. With that said, I’m going to present four tips for a successful job interview.

Tip #1) Be humble.

Be modest. Don’t brag. It’s okay when the interviewer gives you a compliment for your perfect 4.0 GPA. But don’t talk on and on about it. Simply thank the interviewer and move on.

Tip #2) Be honest.

Tell the truth. Don’t lie. Don’t tell your interviewer that you are an Adobe Photoshop Guru, when you don’t even own the program. Tell the truth about what you can do and not what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

Tip #3) Do your homework.

Research the organization. Research the position. What is the organization’s mission? What are its values? Do you see yourself making a difference in the future of the organization? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? How will you help the organization achieve its goals?

Tip #4) Speak nonverbally.

Act well. Oftentimes, your nonverbal communication (behavior, mannerisms, appearance) has a more profound impact than your verbal communication. Maximize this by maintaining good posture, dressing professionally, and having a good attitude.

Be honest, be humble, do your homework, and speak nonverbally so that you can establish a relationship with the interviewer. This does not mean that you should be their best friend. But you do need to establish a rapport with the interviewer. You want the interviewer to see your potential and what you can do for the organization.

Watch this YouTube video that I found about this hilarious job interview:

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