4 Organizational Tips for the Online Student

As an online student, it is important to be organized. Being organized can make your educational experience less painful and stressful. Your homework can seem less daunting. And when you are calm and not stressed, then your work will reflect that.

4 Organizational Tips for the Online Student

1. Use binders!

20150515_212301At the end of every term, I get two binders and fill them with loose leaf paper. I then log onto Blackboard and put out the syllabus, rubrics and any other required reading, such as an article. I punch holes in them with my handy pink hole puncher. The paperwork goes inside the binder.

It’s not very fancy. It is pretty simple. But it works for me. What is most important is that my two classes are kept separate and all resources are printed out for further perusal.

2. Use a filing system!

Filing SystemAt the completion of every term, I take everything out of the binders. I file all of my school papers into a filing system. This way, my school papers are easy to access. I’m the kind of person who does not like to throw away school stuff and textbooks. Just in case I need it if a fellow student had a question about a course that I already took.

3. Use a to-do list!

to-do listTo-do lists are amazing for keeping life organized. When I have a lot of things I’ve got to do (which is often) I grab a piece of paper and write down everything I need to get done. As I complete each task, I cross it off my list. This is also an effective time management tool.

4. Use color!

HighlightersBrighten up your life with some color! Use highlighters! I highlight my rubrics and textbooks. It’s a great way to make important words pop out.

Comment below and tell me what you use to organize your life.

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