4 Hidden Features on Instagram You May Not Know About

Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing site. Users can connect with like-minded people, create reels and stories, and discover new content. But did you know that there are 4 features that exist that can make your Instagram strategy a heck of a lot easier?

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4 Hidden Features on Instagram You May Not Know About

All of these 4 features are located by first going to your profile and tapping on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear. You can then tap on the feature that you want to use.

4 Hidden Features on Instagram You May Not Know About

  • Stories Archive
  • Insights
  • Close Friends
  • Activity

Stories Archive

As you probably already know, Instagram stories are only active for 24 hours. But did you know that there is a way to view past stories? By going to Archives, you can view all of the stories that you have ever published on Instagram. I like how it is organized by month so that you can see from a glance the quantity, as well as quality, of stories that have been created. From there, you can easily save, delete, or highlight any one of these stories. By highlighting a story, you are adding it to a collection of highlights that are all located on your profile page.


If you have a business Instagram account, then it would be really handy for you to view the analytics for your page. You can do this by simply going to Insights. From there, you can see from a quick glance the percentage of other accounts that you reached and the number of engagements. You can also see the frequency in which people are following you. What I like most about this feature is that it gives you the demographics of your followers. It lets you know where in the world your followers come from, their ages, gender, and even the times that that they are most active.

Close Friends

You may have a public account that you intend to grow over time. You might not want to share all of your content with all of your followers. By going to Close Friends, you can add accounts to this list. This means that you can create content exclusively for the people on this list. For example, if you want to share a picture of your baby to only your friends and family, then you can specify that it gets shared with only the people on that list. You can create a story specifically for your Close Friends list. I don’t think that you can create a post specifically for Close Friends, so please do correct me if I’m wrong.


Sometimes I’ll sit around on my phone, busy scrolling through my home page and I end up losing track of time. Did you know that there is a feature to help you not spend too much time on the app? By going to Your Activity and then tapping Time, you can view how much time you spend on Instagram everyday. It gives you the daily average, as well as how much you spend on the app Sunday through Saturday. But what I like the most is that you can set daily reminders. If you’d like to spend no more than 2 hours on Instagram, then you can set a daily reminder and the app will notify you once you reach that self imposed limit. This is a great feature for anyone who strives to not consume social media excessively.

Under Your Activity, you can also keep track of external links that you’ve visited while on the app. It is basically a history of the links that you’ve viewed. This is particularly useful if you clicked on a link to a website or a blog, liked the article, but forgot the website address. You can easily tap Links, which is found under Your Activity, and scroll through all of the links that you’ve visited over the past month or so.


By using these 4 features, you can improve your Instagram strategy so that you get maximum engagement and more conversions. To learn more about the ways that you can increase engagement on Instagram, click here. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram if you have a query or simply want to chat.

Which Instagram feature do you use the most?

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