3 Ways You Can Use Your Blog Stats To Regain Your Power

Blog stats. This phrase alone conjures up feelings of dread, dejection, fear, and failure from within. This phrase sometimes makes me want to crawl within my shell, stop writing, and just give up blogging. This phrase sets up all kinds of high expectations that time and again fail to get met. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We no longer have to use blog stats as an example of our own failures and doubts. Instead, we can use blog stats not as evidence of what we failed to achieve, but as the vehicle to where we want to go. You can use your blog stats to regain your power. This is how you can do that:

Set Realistic Goals

I feel as if the number one reason why most bloggers fail within the first year of blogging is because of setting unrealistic goals. Of course, many people begin blogging because of a love for writing and an innate need to share their words with the world. That is all well and done, but when you set unrealistic goals from the very beginning, such as making $30,000 a year from blogging, or getting thousands of views a day on every post, then it can set you up for waves of undulating disappointment that crash over you day after day until eventually you nearly suffocate from the pressure of it all.

That is why you should not look at blog stats as a measure of how popular your blog is, but rather as a baseline for where you want to go. Set small, realistic goals that you know that you can reach. Instead of simply saying that you want your blog post to go viral with millions of views, say that your goal is to get fifty more from the previous day or week. Keep raising that goal little by little. But when you don’t reach your goal for whatever reason, don’t see it as a personal failure. Just because your audience may be less interested on a particular day doesn’t mean that your blog deserves to be scrapped. It just means that your audience was too busy, or your blog got lost in a sea of millions. Keep setting those small, realistic goals and slowly but surely you will begin the uphill climb to regaining your power and eventual success.

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Learn About Your Audience’s Needs

Obviously, the main source of information you can gather from the blog stats is the number of views or visitors. But did you know that you can use your blog stats to find out the needs of your demographic? For instance, you can use your blog stats to find out which blog posts were the most popular in any given day, month, or year. Conversely, you can use your stats to find out which were the least popular. You can find out what region the members of your audience are located. You can also find out what external and internal links that your audience visited. Further, it can give you insight as to which posts sparked the most conversation in the comments, and which didn’t.

Now, once you string all of these pieces of information together, you have a pretty good idea of what kind of information that your audience is most interested in reading. With this in mind, you can attempt to generate more blog ideas related to those posts. Perhaps you can write a part two or a part three, or revive an older blog post adding never been seen information to it. Perhaps you can even approach a topic from an entirely new angle. Use the information that you learn from your stats to create blog posts that cater to your audience’s needs.

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Level Up Your Social Media Strategy

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And finally, you can use your blog stats to improve your skills. In addition to giving you essential information related to the needs of your audience as well as how your blog post performed on any given day, you can find out where your audience is coming from. Are your readers coming from Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter? Are they coming from WordPress.com? Or, did they happen to stumble upon your blog after a quick google or bing search?

Once you know where the vast majority of your audience members are coming from, as well as where they aren’t, you can use this to level up your social media strategy. If you feel as if you could have gotten even more views from a particular platform, then you could interact and post more frequently on that particular platform with the intention of getting more conversions. For example, if you find that your blog post about Instagram didn’t perform very well, then you could reevaluate. Perhaps that particular post was on the wrong platform. Perhaps it would have been better suited on another platform instead. Or, perhaps you could try posting more frequently and even aggressively. Use the information you gain on social media to figure out which platforms will be better suited for each of the blog posts that you write.

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Checking blog stats can be draining and disappointing. But it doesn’t have to be. By setting realistic, achievable goals, learning the needs of your audience, and leveling up your social media strategy, you can regain your power and be a much effective blogger in the process.

How can you use your blog stats to be a more effective blogger?

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7 thoughts on “3 Ways You Can Use Your Blog Stats To Regain Your Power

  1. Thanks for this post! It’s probably the most informative post I’ve read on this topic and you give a very good breakdown! Do you have a post on how to use Pintrest to gain exposure? I cut out social media a long time ago and don’t see myself going back but I am interested in Pintrest to help me get more exposure… 😊

    1. You’re welcome! I’m very glad that it was helpful to you. I don’t yet have a post on Pinterest though #staytuned for one within the next few months. In the meantime, here are some pinterest tips that I learned: 1–create 3-5 pins per post 2–post at active times 3–use hashtags 4–include a call to action 5– post other people’s pins NOT just your own 6–remember that it takes a few months to get conversions onto your blog
      Hope this helps & feel free to follow me on Pinterest (I follow back)

  2. The stats has mainly helped me to figure out more what my readers like to engage on…although its sometimes toxic to keep checking on the stats because you will start to analyze yourself and on days or months where you haven’t done well, you start to critic and eventually lose interest or even give up blogging
    It depends from which perspective you look at it

    Thank you so much for the tips

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