3 Reasons Why You Should Play Candy Land With Your Kids

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Candy Land With Your Kids

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Picture this: It is Wednesday afternoon. Your kids are home from school. The smell of dinner is wafting in from the kitchen, homework is done, and clothes are picked out for tomorrow. You sit down on the floor with your kids and settle down to a nice long game of Candy Land. You let your kids pick the color piece, you scramble the tiles, and then you begin playing.

Sound familiar? Whether you have played Candy Land with your kids, or you played it when you were their age, Candy Land is a classic, fun, easy to understand game. But did you know that playing Candy Land can teach your kids these three very important life lessons? In this article, I will tell you the three life lessons that your kids can learn from playing this game.

1–Sometimes Success Happens Because of Sheer Luck

In Candy Land, the player who gets to the castle wins. This happens by selecting an overturned card from a pile. You never know what you are going to pick. You could pick a sweet that allows you to skip ahead. You could land on an X which means that you lose a turn. Or, you could pick the ice cream card, which puts you that much closer to the object of the game. It didn’t take the four year old long before she realized that the key to winning is to choose the ice cream.

Candy Land is mostly a game based on luck. Whether you win or not depends on what hand you are dealt. Similarly, in life, sometimes you need a little bit of luck to get where you need to be. Of course, hard work, dedication, and persistence are all good traits to have and can help you achieve success. But sometimes you just gotta be in the right place doing the thing thing.

2–Not Every Reward Gets You Ahead of the Game

In Candy Land, there are certain sweets that you can pick from the overturned selection of cards. If you randomly pick the ice cream card, you are most probably going to win since it is that much closer to the castle. If you pick the peanut or peppermint candy card, it’s not a guarantee that you will win the game.

The sweets like peanuts and peppermint candy are rewards, but in this game, they most likely won’t get you ahead. In life, you will be presented with many choices. Some will tempt you. But not all of those choices will get you ahead. So, it is important to always keep the destination in mind so that you can make the best choices for your future and your goals.

3–Short Cuts Don’t Always Ensure Success

In Candy Land, there are a couple of short cuts that you can take. If you land on one of the blue squares early on in the game, then it lets you bypass the trail by crossing the river. This effectively brings you that much closer to the castle. But taking this short cut won’t always ensure that you win.

In life, sometimes it may be tempting to take a shortcut or the easy way out, but it may not lead to success. Sometimes the best roads taken aren’t easy. Sometimes the best roads are hard and take a long time. And that is okay. Because that makes it all the more rewarding.

Overall, Candy Land is a fun game that offers the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the ways of life.

The Oldest Child playing Candy Land

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What was your favorite childhood game?

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      1. It’s kind of like Scrabble, except The letter tiles could securely stack on top of one another. So you could change the words you put on the board, and you and your opponents could keep changing one another’s words around.

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